FTI-BOLD launches recruitment campaign 'Why Compromise'

29 June 2022 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read
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As the firm looks to grow following its merger with global player FTI Consulting, FTI-BOLD has launched a new recruitment drive. The ‘Why compromise’ campaign aims to attract a cohort of talented professionals to the firm’s ranks.

For anyone weighing up a career in consulting, one of the first decisions to make is what type of firm they aspire working for. Should they work for a large consulting firm; a generalist; or for a boutique firm where services and client networks are more focused? Would they prefer a large, multifaceted network where they can choose many different specialisms to head into, or a focused environment with a more close-knit culture?

FTI-BOLD is determined to say goodbye to that particular trade-off. The key message from the firm’s shiny new ‘Why compromise’ campaign suggests that new joiners can have it all at the company, enjoying “the best of both worlds” thanks to the firm’s heritage as a local consultancy, now as part of a global advisory business.

FTI-BOLD launches recruitment campaign 'Why Compromise'

Founded as BOLD in 2013, the firm grew within its native Dutch market to a 30+ strong team when it attracted the attention of FTI Consulting – a firm with a global annual revenue of $2.5 billion. The merger at the end of 2021 created FTI-BOLD, a player which specialises in four areas of service: transformations, transactions, turnarounds and digital.

FTI-BOLD operates from its office in Baarn (and by the end of 2022 from the Zuidas in Amsterdam) – which now is one of the more than 120 offices of FTI Consulting globally – pairing the smaller, human touches of a boutique firm with the unparalleled breadth of an international professional services brand.

Facing growing demand for this offering, FTI-BOLD states in its recruitment campaign that it is “ready to rock the market”.

To fuel its plans, the firm is “in urgent need of talent”, with both junior and more senior professionals currently on the firm’s radar. At the centre of its hunt, the ‘Why compromise’ campaign is being pushed across channels, with billboards in the Amsterdam Financial District and online flights across LinkedIn and Google Ads.

Exploring the two worlds

The campaign is accompanied by a video, where a host walks potential candidates through the essence of the ‘Why compromise’ campaign. The host guides visitors on a walk through Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, and FTI-BOLD’s new officeenvironment, before asking the viewer some questions, primed at seeing how they would fare as a consultant.

After all, life, and building a career in professional services, are both about choices.

Initially, viewers are asked what suits them best: do they love “working with blue chips”, or do they “love the smell of entrepreneurship” even more? Do they favour being “a subject matter guru”, or do they prefer taking “a high level view”? Would they opt for a firm that offers “prestigious education programs”, or would they plump for a job where they “roll up their sleeves and work between the nuts and bolts of a company”? And ultimately, would they “feel at home with a global brand”, or at home “with an organisation where impact is key”?

That last question might give the game away; all these supposed juxtapositions are actually false dichotomies. Instead, the film’s presenter concludes, “My key question to you is: why would you compromise when it comes to your career? And my promise is that you that you don’t have to.”