Reasons to join management consulting boutique impulssum

29 July 2022 3 min. read
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Boutique management consulting impulssum helps clients in the Netherlands and United Kingdom with professionalising their commercial operations and enhancing their customer centricity.

Facing growing demand for its services, the Amsterdam and London based consultancy is seeking to grow its team with both mid-career consultants and young professionals.

But in a highly competitive labour market, why should consultants at a large consultancy or top talent in industry consider the – often exciting and career rewarding – switch to a boutique such as impulssum?

Partners at impulssum share four reasons why the firm is recognised as an attractive employer:

Flexibility & Inclusion

At impulssum, we care about every voice and perspective and as a result, ideas and visions coming from every direction within the company are heard. This means that irrespective of your role, you can create a lasting impact.

Meanwhile, impulssum actively supports working flexible hours as your private life may require shifting some working hours to the evening to make the most of your time. A flexible work-from-home hybrid model is in place and management prefers to focus on output rather than physical presence.

At the same time, impulssum encourages working together in person regularly, aiming to meet twice a week at the office. And at least once a quarter social outings and get togethers are organised such as team dinners or boat tours.

Career Opportunities

In terms of compensation, impulssum pays fair market salaries with an upside-based bonus scheme, as well as quick career progression possibilities. The latter is supported by the continuous and supportive (bi-directional) feedback culture that is nurtured throughout the organisation, along with individual quarterly coaching sessions performed by an external coach.

Every two months impulssum holds development conversations with management. The importance of being honest in giving feedback together with the well-defined promotion standards, provide you with the necessary tools to drive your own learning and development journey and therefore your career progression.


With impulssum, we value an entrepreneurial mindset and a culture of working together. With many of our employees enjoying a background at well-known consulting firms [such as Boston Consulting Group, Accenture and Strategy&], impulssum operates in a similar top-tier consulting environment.

Our consulting work is primarily focused around collaborating with small and medium sized companies that are owned by private equity firms. This midmarket segment focus means that we are geared at getting things done pragmatically, resulting in the ability to work hands on and creating high impact.

This is also exactly what our clients recognise most in our approach – we believe in creating lasting impact.


The daily work and interactions of consultants are based on our key pillars of growth, team and impact.

The culture at impulssum

For this culture to work, its vital that it is lived internally and with our clients as well. We strive for growth while putting our people first and always striving for real lasting impact at clients.

Interested in learning more? View the Careers page on impulssum’s website for more information and opportunities.

Founded in 2017, impulssum supports its clients with five key offerings: customer insight, organisation design, pricing, sales and marketing.