BCG Digital Ventures supports launch of 60beans coffee platform

16 September 2022 3 min. read

A new digital coffee platform has launched in Germany. Berlin-based 60beans provides easy access to specialty coffee strains from around the world, including direct shipping to help partner producers reach coffee lovers beyond their national borders.

Globally, an estimated two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, making it the world’s most popular (non-alcoholic) beverage. However, as consumer demand around the world shifts, favouring sustainability and fair trade practices, the world’s coffee-makers are having to adapt their offering.

Armed with thorough subject knowledge, the world’s coffee aficionados increasingly demand comprehensive information on products on offer, and this has seen specialty coffee experience double-digit growth in recent years.

BCG Digital Ventures supports launch of 60beans coffee platform

But beyond metropolises like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, which have a high density of specialty coffee roasters, high-quality coffee is often difficult to obtain, and a wider selection is not available at all.

Stepping up to deliver just such an offering is the start-up, 60beans. The Berlin-based digital platform intends to open additional locations as it expands its European operations, and hopes to enable easy access to products from local roasters from all over the world, as well as coffee equipment, at any time and from anywhere.

The company’s app includes a 'Tastefinder' function, to help users intuitively discover which coffees suit them, and receive personalised product recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

Even at launch, 60beans claims to offer Europe’s largest drop-shipping platform for specialty coffee from local roasting houses. The produce is shipped directly to customers from roasters such as Röststätte from Berlin, Cycle Roasters from Lübeck, and Nomad from Barcelona, guaranteeing freshness by eliminating storage times at an intermediary.

Ferdinand von Kalm, COO of 60beans, commented, "We want nothing less than to democratise access to speciality coffee. The origin of the raw materials is just as important to us as the artisanal processing according to the highest standards and passion in coffee preparation.”

“With our platform, we are offering sound advice, the best speciality coffee, the right accessories, and knowledge in one place for the first time. In this way, we not only contribute to the growth of the market for speciality coffee, but also promote ethical coffee production.”

The platform has been launched with the support of family-run group Joh. Jacobs & Co., already in its fifth generation in the coffee business, and BCG Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group.

BCG Digital Ventures specialises in developing start-ups and digitised business models – so alongside Joh. Jacobs & Co’s funding, the consultants worked to develop the product – deploying user research, design and technical expertise, while recruiting the 60beans team.

Amaryllis Liampoti, Managing Director and Partner at BCG Digital Ventures, said, “Modern consumers are used to accessing a wealth of high-quality products online and having them delivered within the shortest possible time. Together with Joh. Jacobs & Co., and with the help of professional roasters, 60beans was founded to provide easy access to an exclusive range of freshly roasted specialty coffee – for everyone, from anywhere and at any time.”