Sourcing Champions and Ignite Procurement partner for sustainability

18 November 2022 2 min. read

International procurement consultancy Sourcing Champions has agreed a partnership with Ignite Procurement, a provider of software for in-depth spend management.

From its base in Amsterdam, Sourcing Champions advises and supports clients with professionalising their procurement function. With Ignite Procurement part of its solutions toolkit, the firm can provide its clients a more rounded sustainable procurement offering, with a focus on scope 3 emissions.

“With the ever-growing pressure on companies to enhance the sustainability of their operations, it goes without saying that we’re delighted to be expanding our sustainability proposition,” said Sourcing Champions founder Robert Waalder.

Sourcing Champions and Ignite Procurement partner for sustainability

“Scope 3 emissions – emissions not produced by the company itself, but related to all activities upstream and downstream within the value chain – are for many businesses the most important lever for realising their net zero strategies. According to one estimate, they account for more than 70% of cross-industry carbon footprints.”

However, measuring and tackling scope 3 emissions is much harder than scope 1 (direct emissions produced by an organisation) or scope 2 (indirect emissions) emissions. “As scope 3 emissions are under the control of suppliers or customers, gaining grip on these emissions involves tracking activities across the entire value chain – and working with stakeholders all along the way, from suppliers to end users,” explained Waalder.

Gaining the insights needed is an impossible task without technology. This is where Ignite Procurement comes in, a cloud-based solution that helps organisations oversee their spend categories. One of the solution’s modules, Carbon Analytics, enables procurement officers to receive AI-driven estimations of greenhouse gasses or GHG emissions across their spend, quantity, or product-level data.

In addition, the tool provides information about suppliers (for example: sustainability performance from analyst groups or certifications) and facilitates analysis and reporting, which officers can use for negotiations and carbon reduction action planning, among others.

To help its clients kickstart their scope 3 reduction ambitions, Sourcing Champions has in parallel developed its Sustainable Procurement Transformation Program. “The program combines our procurement and environmental expertise with the Carbon Analytics solution to really guide clients from insight to results,” said Waalder.

“We start by establishing a CO2 emission baseline, and then identify the key ‘greening’ opportunities. Using this information, we can revamp dependencies on climate criminals – and at the same time cut costs and ensure sustainability compliance.”

“Ignite Procurement is in our opinion the best tool in this space. The solution is blazingly fast, fully transparent, flexibile and modular, and its carbon accounting is aligned with GHG protocol so it meets reporting requirements.”