Magnus Energy supports implementation of energy interconnectors

15 December 2020 2 min. read
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Two major European interconnectors have been taken into operation this quarter, enabling Germany to exchange renewable energy with both Belgium and Norway.

To enable the energy transition, the current energy infrastructure needs to be expanded. One of the means of doing so is by interconnecting the energy grids of countries, allowing for electricity exchange and, where possible, balancing.

This quarter, two such interconnectors went live: ALEGrO, connecting Belgium and Germany; and NordLink, connecting Germany and Norway.

Magnus Energy supports implementation of energy interconnectors

The 90-km underground link ALEGrO added a capacity of 1,000 megawatts, comparable to a medium-sized nuclear power plant, to the European grid. This first interconnector between Belgium and Germany allows for further integration of renewables in the grid, while ensuring that prices will decrease and security of supply can be guaranteed.

NordLink is the first direct power connection between Germany and Norway. This link will enable the exchange of 1,400 megawatts of renewable energy: wind power from Germany and hydropower from Norway.

The implementation

Adding a new interconnector to the grid comes with an elaborate implementation process. New interconnectors, along with infrastructural work and system integration, must be implemented in existing European capacity calculation regions (CCRs) and in pan-European allocation platforms such as SDAC and SIDC.

Both implementation projects were supported by Magnus Energy, a Netherlands-based management consultancy dedicated to the energy sector. The firm has extensive experience with electricity market infrastructure transformations.

“At ALEGrO, we provided project management support by structuring the project organisation, creating an overall project plan and supporting the implementation. Additionally, we facilitated the decision-making process,” explained Alexander van der Mark, a partner at Magnus Energy.

“Moreover, we helped integrate the project into the existing international structures through close alignment and early identification of issues.”

At NordLink, Magnus Energy played a role in the test management in the run-up to go-live. “Our deep knowledge of the different European markets and governances (SDAC, SIDC, CWE, Core) contributed to the timely integration. With a short timeline for implementation, we helped the project team ensure all tests were completed and all issues fixed before go-live,” said Van der Mark.