Valcon promotes 150+ colleagues across European offices

27 January 2023 2 min. read

Valcon has kicked off the year with over 150 promotions, a record number for the European management and technology consultancy.

The large number of promotees builds on the firm’s strong performance in 2022, with Valcon booking double-digit growth to lift its employee headcount to over 1,500 employees. A notable part of that growth was driven by acquisitions, with Typeqast acquired in Eastern Europe and P2 Consulting purchased in the United Kingdom.

“The success of our business is based on our people, who are the lifeblood of our organisation,” said Geert van den Goor, CEO of Valcon. “These promotions of our consultants, technologists and data experts are testimony of the firm’s growth and are of course thoroughly well-deserved.”

Valcon promotes 150+ colleagues across European offices

The largest intake of promoted colleagues was in the Netherlands, where 109 company members kicked off the year with an uplift in job level (and not to forget: salary). In the United Kingdom, 24 promotions were made, while 17 received a promotion in the Nordics.

A small number of promotions were made across Valcon’s footprint in Germany and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia and Romania).

In terms of the capability split, 70+ colleagues were promoted in Valcon’s consulting line of business, 48 in the data division, and 27 within the technology practice. Across the three divisions, nine members were admitted into the partnership.

“Ultimately, we are striving to create the happiest community of consultants. Therefore, staff development is a key focus for us. We listen to our people’s ambitions and put the right steps in place to help them achieve their goals. This also means that recognising their achievements is vital, and we’re delighted to see so many colleagues continue their growth story with us.”

Valcon’s own corporate growth story goes back to 2019, when Waterland kicked off a buy-and-build strategy with Dutch consultancy First Consulting. In the following year, Scandinavian consultancy joined the mix, and in 2021, the group rebranded as Valcon. Since their team-up, three further acquisitions have been closed.