Charly Pavon and Patrícia Brhlikova on working at Magnus Energy

03 February 2023 3 min. read
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In the second half of last year, Charly Pavon and Patrícia Brhlikova both joined Magnus Energy. The two consultants spoke to about adapting to life at the fast-moving energy advisory in the months since their arrival.

As it looks to wean itself from the volatile fossil fuel market, and green its economy, Europe is moving to integrate renewable sources into its energy infrastructure. Such a huge undertaking needs collaboration across the public and private sectors, and multiple industries. To help find common ground and align objectives between these players, the support of energy consultants has arguably never been more important.

Magnus Energy is a management consultancy which specialises in the energy landscape. The firm has been involved in numerous major projects since its inception, providing services in organisation, program and project delivery, and digital transformation, among others.

Patrícia Brhlikova and Charly Pavon - Magnus Energy

Managing Consultant Patrícia Brhlikova first crossed paths with Magnus Energy in 2017, when she was involved in one of the European integration projects. Still “on the transmission system operator (TSO) side back then”, Patrícia was impressed by the “motivational, highly professional, and still very human way” Magnus Energy consultants operated.

Having seen first-hand how this benefitted the project, she kept the firm on her radar, and eventually became a part of the team in 2022. According to her, that same culture has helped her quickly settle into her new surroundings.

Patrícia explained, “Generally, the onboarding at Magnus Energy is designed to equip all new colleagues with a company overview, as well as the knowledge and skills that are needed for the job. Onboarding is organised internally by the team; hence I met most of my colleagues during the first two weeks. Since then, they have been very supportive, never hesitated to answer my questions and helped me get on board with my project assignments.”

Senior Consultant Charly Pavon is another recent arrival at Magnus Energy. After a decade in the nuclear industry, Charly was looking for a new experience where he could grow his skills and help other people develop their skills too. “My job at Magnus Energy has given me plenty of opportunities to learn new things,” Charly noted.

“In my short time here, I’ve had many trainings both inside and outside the company to get to know the energy industry. And more importantly, Magnus Energy has empowered me to delve deep into my work of project management knowing that they will be there to answer any and all questions as they appear, making learning on the job real and helping me to grow fast.”

International work

Charly brings a great deal of experience managing highly complex and multi-party projects. At the same time, he is well versed in working in multicultural environments, having been involved in projects in Argentina, Japan and the Netherlands with people from all around the world. This has been very useful at Magnus Energy, as the firm addresses projects across Europe.

Speaking on the firm’s continental remit, Charly added, “I’m currently working as a project manager on a project whose objective is improving the European electricity system. This project is built on the collaboration of 13 central eastern and western European countries.”

Patrícia has similarly enjoyed a diversity of international engagements with the firm. Currently in a chairing role in one of the major European projects focusing on long-term electricity trading, she helps focus on the finalisation of the design, experimentation and launch of IT development.

Patrícia delivers her role while being based in Slovakia – even as Magnus Energy maintains its own base in the Netherlands – working remotely, while visiting the Dutch office once a month. “This hybrid set-up fits my life well,” Patrícia concluded.

“I am used to working from home while occasional travels bring sparks of joy and time with my colleagues is always very precious and special. We aim to schedule several meetings around the time I am in the Netherlands, hence I use my travels efficiently. Except for that, I am in touch with the team regularly as we are all used to online meetings.”