Nexio Projects aids caterer with achieving EcoVadis Platinum rating

27 March 2023 2 min. read

CIRFOOD has been awarded the prestigious EcoVadis Platinum certificate, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability on several fronts. Consulting from Nexio Projects aided the Italian-focused catering company during the rigorous process.

The top rating from EcoVadis places CIRFOOD in the top 1% of most sustainable companies in the entire world. Part of CIRFOOD’s strategy to reduce its carbon footprint included consolidating sustainable sourcing, adopting sophisticated tools for fighting food waste, and even using less meat in dishes.

EcoVadis is an international rating agency that evaluates and awards companies on their sustainable performance. The non-financial performance areas that EcoVadis reviews include labour rights, ethics, sustainable procurement, and impact on environment.

Nexio Projects aids caterer with achieving EcoVadis Platinum rating

To achieve the rating, CIRFOOD worked with consulting firm Nexio Projects, which specialises in sustainability consulting and aiding companies in meeting ambitious ESG goals. The Rotterdam-based consultancy has since its inception in 2017 helped dozens of clients in over 20 countries meet sustainability goals (and reap business benefits in the process).

“We started by mapping out where CIRFOOD stood in terms of corporate social responsibility,” said Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO of Nexio Projects.

“We not only look at the end product and/or service but also at the areas where CIRFOOD can make the most impact. And we looked at environmental aspects, zooming in on the current fleet, among other things,” he added.

CIRFOOD, which operates in the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium, has worked hard to make its procurement strategy as sustainable as possible. The company prioritises food that is organic, locally produced, fairly priced, and produced sustainably.

“The goal was to achieve the EcoVadis sustainability rating Gold in 2022, and in 2025 we wanted to achieve the Platinum certificate,” said Stefano Teatini, head of international procurement at CIRFOOD. But against all odds, the company managed to leapfrog the Gold band and enter the Platinum rank. “We’re delighted to be positioned in the highest level.”

EcoVadis, founded in 2007, has perfected a system of assessment for ESG performance that ranges from Bronze to Platinum. The agency, headquartered in Paris but now with offices around the world, received a sizeable investment from consulting giant Bain & Company in 2020.