Vintura appoints new partners across Dutch and French offices

03 April 2023 3 min. read

European life sciences and healthcare consulting firm Vintura has appointed three new partners across its Dutch and French offices.

In the Netherlands (where Vintura is headquartered) Aart Willem Saly and Anita Mikulic have been admitted into the partner team. Both have been with the consultancy for multiple years, and previously gained experience at a Big Four firm.

Aart Willem Saly brings more than two decades of management consulting experience to the partnership. He specialises in topics including strategy, scenario planning, organisation design & development, merger integration, and innovation, with a focus on clients in the healthcare sector.

Aart Willem Saly, Anita Mikulic, Matthias Bucher - Vintura

Prior to joining Vintura in 2016, he spent 15+ years at EY-Parthenon, Nolan, Norton & Co, IBM Consulting, and PwC. “During my consulting career I’ve learned that a close alignment to the ambition, passion and capabilities of the client organisation is often more important for the end result than pursuing the last optimisation step in the strategic plan.”

Anita Mikulic has been with Vintura since early 2019, having previously served Deloitte in its Monitor Deloitte wing. Before that, she worked in the healthcare sector and at municipality focused on youth care services.

At Vintura, she combines her background in healthcare with business acumen to develop solutions for complex social and health care challenges. She specialises in topics including organisational strategy, organisational design, partnerships, and social innovation. She works for healthcare care providers, as well as collaboration partners such as municipalities and insurers.

Mikulic: “I enjoy working in a team and believe in an empowering leadership style, with a strong focus on developing potential based on people’s intrinsic motivation.”

Meanwhile, in France, Matthias Bucher has been promoted to partner at Cepton, which merged with Vintura in May last year (combined the two consultancies have 80+ staff in 4 countries).

Bucher joined Cepton in 2011, and has played a large role in helping the firm grow from a start-up into an established brand in the French life sciences and healthcare landscape. He specialises in topics relating to strategy (market evaluation, growth, business planning), transactions (due diligence), and performance optimisation.

Bucher is the leader of Vintura’s Investors practice, which supports private equity groups with target search, transactions and portfolio-related value creation services.

Commenting on the promotions, Jean Reboullet, founding partner at Cepton, said: “It is with great pride that we welcome Aart Willem, Anita and Matthias to our partnership. They have distinguished themselves through their ability to inspire those around them. Their hard work and commitment to build the company is shown by the impact they have made on clients and colleagues.”

Gerard Klop, founding partner at Vintura, added: “Our new partners demonstrate our values by delivering impactful solutions, involving all players and building leadership in healthcare.”

Vintura and Cepton are part of AmerisourceBergen Group, a worldwide provider of solutions for the pharma, biotech and medtech industry.