PRAIORITIZE launches AI-powered 'virtual consultant'

31 May 2023 4 min. read

As expectations continue to grow around the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the consulting market, SaaS company PRAIORITIZE uses AI and ChatGPT driven technologies to democratise core advisory processes to managers and consultants.

“Consultancy still is an elite product for the boardroom,” claims Jan van de Poll, founder and managing director of PRAIORITIZE. “Globally, consultancies serve 0.01% of organisations and then mostly only at management level.”

For the longest time, this has been because many smaller organisations consider the fees of consulting firms too high. “The world has 100 million managers with a smartphone but still without access to management advice.”


Meanwhile, at the side of consulting firms, there is a natural barrier in scaling their services – the art of consultancy is delivered by people and revolves around traditional activities such as interviews, surveys, post-its, flipcharts, and slide decks. “It’s handwork that doesn’t scale at all” says Van de Poll.

With artificial intelligence (AI) technology nowadays capable of replicating the work of consultants, especially around diagnostic and transactional work, at a fraction of the price, the world is seeing all kinds of robot-like consultants enter the scene.

Enter PRAIORITIZE, an Amsterdam-based start-up (launched by parent Transparency Lab) that provides AI-powered virtual consultancy. “We are a tech company that enables every manager to tap the know and toolings of consultancies for their diagnostic challenges.”

To ensure its system “thinks like a consultant”, PRAIORITIZE feeded its system with the content of 11,000 whitepapers from the world’s top 100 consulting firms, and with 23,000 team case studies from 1,000 earlier projects. Using an engine that is “6x smarter” than the traditional approach (the engine is based on GPT, NLP, LDA, k-means, Bayesian probability), PRAIORITIZE can do what a consultant does, much quicker and at much lower cost.

PRAIORITIZE in essence replaces the static analysis conducted by managers (or their consultants) by offering a personalised online step-by-step advice. Not in weeks, but in minutes,” says Van de Poll. “After diagnosing problems and solutions, algorithms also automatically show where the follow-on work is.”


To be fully transparent about the use and effectiveness of the algorithms, PRAOIRITIZE has to date published 17 scientific papers and three books. Founder Van de Poll holds a PhD in pattern recognition from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The Consultancy Store of PRAIORITIZE currently hosts over 1,000 assessments spanning the business landscape, including technology, transformations, security, marketing, supply chain, finance, human resources, and more.

Launched in March 2023, the Consultancy Store has seen managers from five continents “including those at executive level” shop around. To help managers gain an understanding of the tool’s power, all assessments involving 5 or less people can be conducted for free. “That makes it very easy to test and refine before actually rolling-out.”

An opportunity for consultants

PRAIORITIZE is also a tool that can serve the needs of consultants themselves. “Our tools are a productivity boost for consultants. On the one hand, consultants can leverage pre-cooked state-of-the-art assessments based on the top insights in their industry to rapidly deliver results for their clients, in a personalised manner.”

“On the other hand, it enables consultants to expand their services to an entire new client segment – those managers that previously did not engage with consultants. With PRAIORITIZE in their toolkit, consultants can now offer tailored and affordable diagnostics to every manager around.”

PRAIORITIZE already has a number of consulting firms that have integrated its tools as white label solution to its clients.

Van de Poll: “It’s not just about allowing consultants to send bigger invoices for the same number of hours worked. It’s about predictable results and unprecedented client satisfaction. And it’s also about giving every manager in the world – including those that would never be in a position to hire a consultant – the tools to be better managers and provide prosperity.”