BearingPoint signs deal with quantum computing leader IonQ

18 August 2023 2 min. read
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Global technology consulting firm BearingPoint has teamed up with quantum computing industry leader IonQ in a strategic partnership aimed at offering quantum-related professional services to clients.

The partnership will enable BearingPoint to offer innovative use cases to their clients using the advanced quantum computing systems developed by IonQ. This allows the consulting firm to educate interested parties in the latest advances in quantum computing as well as maintain the upper hand in the rapidly evolving field.

“We are pleased to announce today's collaboration with BearingPoint as they advise clients on the benefits and potential applications of quantum computing,” said Peter Chapman, President and CEO of IonQ.

BearingPoint signs deal with quantum computing leader IonQ

“Today's agreement ensures that IonQ's industry-leading systems and services reach all the audiences that will benefit from quantum computing – people who are curious about quantum and want to explore new ways to integrate quantum into their existing workflows.”

This strategic partnership underscores BearingPoint's drive for international quantum expansion. IonQ distinguishes itself as the only provider in the quantum space offering its systems via cloud platforms like Amazon Braket, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, along with direct API access.

IonQ is a leader in the sector, with a record of innovation, including their current generation quantum computer that boasts 29 algorithmic qubits. The company was founded in 2015 by Christopher Monroe and Jungsang Kim, both well-known figures in the field of quantum research.

With European roots and global reach, BearingPoint offers management and technology consulting services to clients in 70 countries with a consulting network of than 10,000 people.

Quantum computers and processors, known for the delicacy and intricacy of their components, are still in a relatively early stage of development. Though the field is advancing, numerous practical and theoretical issues need to be ironed out before we begin to see the real potential this technology has to offer.

As with any cutting-edge and swiftly advancing technology, there are risks associated with quantum technology and the possibility of being misuse is real. Some physicists have warned of smoke and mirrors in the expansive startup scene.

This is not the first quantum computing-related partnership in the consulting industry. Earlier this year, EY partnered with IBM, a leader in the world of quantum computing, with the aim of offering innovative solutions to their clients leveraging the technology.