HSO helps Sparck Technologies implement Dynamics 365

24 October 2023 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

When Sparck Technologies decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to run its ERP operations, the Dutch company turned to HSO for guidance. In within six months, the new system was up and running.

Sparck Technologies is a company that provides packaging systems (also known as inline auto-packers) to retailers, supermarkets, e-commerce groups, logistics companies, and other enterprises that run high volume packaging operations.

When Sparck Technologies returned to independence in 2021 following a private equity-backed carve-out from Quadient, the company needed to rebuild its IT systems landscape. Previously running its ERP on SAP, the company decided to shift to the Dynamics 365 solution from Microsoft.

HSO helps Sparck Technologies implement Dynamics 365

“So then it came down to choosing the right implementation partner,” said Kees Oosting, CEO at Sparck Technologies.

Sparck Technologies selected HSO because the company was seeking an implementation partner with deep Microsoft experience and an international presence. And because HSO “knows how our industry and logistics works,” Oosting said.

Notably, HSO was initially handed a timeline which it felt was unrealistic. “HSO understood very well what we needed, but initially thought they would not be able to realise the project within the very limited time. I was convinced that it could be done, but only with a very clear vision and under very specific conditions,” said Oosting.

“Helping a high-tech manufacturing company deliver a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP implementation in six months? Impossible, that was our first reaction,” reflected Erik Joosen, Lead SCM Consultant at HSO.

Overdelivering the promise

But the two companies jointly set out to realise the ambition, and “through a unique approach, clear conditions and a dose of ‘Friese’ common sense”, Sparck Technologies and HSO managed to deliver a fully operational system well before the deadline.

“We also ended up implementing more than we had set in advance in the scoping phase,” said Oosting. “We met our time goal generously, without people having to work weekends, and we stayed well within our budget.”

Looking back at the ingredients behind the ERP success, Oosting said it all came down to “a strong commitment from Sparck Technologies and HSO”, a focus on “keeping things simple” and leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 with minimal customization, and commitment from both leadership and a dedicated project team.

On the collaboration with HSO, the CEO said: “We are very pleased with the cooperation. The commitment and the fact that HSO took on the challenge of this ‘impossible’ task is typical of the company. In that respect, HSO fits well with our own culture: a deal is a deal and say what you do and do what you say.”

Headquartered in the Netherlands, HSO is an award-winning Microsoft partner. The firm has over 2,000 staff in 10+ countries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications that help companies manage various aspects of their operations. It includes tools for customer relations, sales, finance, and other key business functions, offering an integrated solution for efficient management.