Henkel sets out to help consumers make more sustainable choices

11 December 2023 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

The Consumer Brands business of Henkel wants to empower its consumers to make more sustainable choices. With a new strategy and framework in place, developed in tandem with SparkOptimus, the company is now better prepared to realise its goal.

Best known for brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Dial, Henkel Consumer Brands is a multi-billion dollar business that exports its products to 100+ countries worldwide.

Part of conglomerate Henkel, the business is like its parent deeply committed to sustainability, with its stated mission to “be a global leader in sustainability, ensuring this commitment is deeply embedded in our values and corporate culture.”

Henkel sets out to help consumers make more sustainable choices

Across its line of products, Henkel Consumer Brands aims to guide its consumers in making more sustainable choices, both in their purchase decisions as well as during and after the usage of the product. Setting out how best to achieve this goal, the company called in SparkOptimus for counsel.

The task handed to SparkOptimus was to develop a guidebook outlining how to deal with sustainability during the launch and introduction of new products. “We helped Henkel Consumer Brands develop a strategy and core knowledge document for future product launches, which will play a crucial role in aligning sales & marketing and operations with sustainability objectives,” said Michiel Bos, Partner and Sustainability Lead at SparkOptimus.

The consultants were also asked to develop a similar guidebook for how to deal with product roll-outs – bringing existing products into new segments and markets.

“In both cases, we distilled what needs to be done for Henkel Consumer Brands to influence consumer behaviour positively,” said Bos. “Bringing together in-depth data review and interviews across various Henkel business units at both global and local levels, coupled with industry best practices, we formulated a strategic set of guidelines to effectively cultivate sustainable consumer habits.”

In doing so, the consultants recognised the importance of extending the approach from consumers to also include retailers and other players in the value chain. “Influencing consumer behaviour is notorious for its complexity and dependencies. It is therefore essential to include all actors that also co-play a pivotal role in this transformation.”

“We therefore included in our guidebook the different strategies that can be applied to secure the commitment and alignment of essential partners,” Bos continued.

Reflecting on the collaboration with SparkOptimus, Marjon Stamsnijder, Global Director Sustainability at Henkel Consumer Brands, said: “It was a pleasure working with SparkOptimus. With their expertise, drive and enthusiasm they brought a great ‘spark’ and acceleration to our sustainability journey. We now have clear strategies for sustainable product introductions and are ready to take the next step.”