Alumni share experiences on Strategy&'s Walk the Talk

04 March 2024 5 min. read

In May, the 2024 edition of Strategy&’s Walk the Talk business course takes place, offering students a unique experience to gain insight in life as a strategy consultant, and how it is to work at Strategy&. For those wondering what the business course entails, we asked three participants from the previous editions (also in Paris) to share their experiences.

Sabine van der Laken, Ayanna Berg, and Sibel Gokbekir all have a number of things in common. They all had a keen interest in kickstarting their career in the world of strategy consulting, they all considered Strategy&’s business course the ideal platform to learn more about the field and firm – and they all fell for Strategy& during its business course in Europe’s capital city of l’amour.

Held yet again in Paris this year, from May 21-24, students from all academic backgrounds and universities in the Netherlands are welcome to send in their profile for consideration.

Sabine van der Laken, Ayanna Berg, and Sibel Gokbekir - Strategy&

Why did you participate in the business course of Strategy&?

Sabin: Participating in the 2022 Walk the Talk business course in Paris was an easy decision for me. Prior to applying, attending online events had already sparked my interest in Strategy&. I believed this course would provide unique insights into strategy consulting, enhancing my understanding of projects, people, and the distinctive culture at Strategy&.

The business course proved to be one of the most enjoyable recruitment events I’ve attended. Engaging with numerous consultants allowed me to gain diverse perspectives and experiences. Beyond professional interactions, the course provided opportunities for personal connections and unique activities, such as a cooking class and a treasure hunt through Paris. These experiences, along with a dinner in Amsterdam, revealed the close-knit and enjoyable culture at Strategy&.

Ayanna: Keen on a career in strategy consulting, I identified Strategy& as my top choice for its focus industries. To ensure a cultural fit, I joined the business course in 2023, seeking a more in-depth experience than a one-day event could offer.

The business course proved instrumental in gaining insights into the nuances of strategy consulting and understanding the day-to-day activities at Strategy&. Interacting with people at the firm was particularly valuable, revealing a culture where everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy working together. This realization solidified my desire to work at Strategy&.

The course not only provided professional insights but also influenced my interview enthusiasm during the final round. The positive energy from the Business Course enhanced my ability to express my eagerness for joining Strategy&.

Sibel: Motivated by my desire for a career in strategy consultancy, I actively explored events during the first year of my master’s. An initial experience at a Strategy& in-house day piqued my interest, leading me to apply for the Walk the Talk business course in 2023. This event allowed me to explore Strategy& on both formal and informal levels, uncovering their strong presence in sectors like energy and the public sector.

The course included a captivating case study on making an athletic footwear & apparel company more sustainable, which our group won on the final day. The close-knit team dynamics and the open and relaxed atmosphere stood out, providing valuable insights into Strategy&’s working style and feedback sessions, emphasizing personal and professional growth.

Completing the business course left me enthusiastic about Strategy&. Although I’m still finishing my master’s, I've been a part-time research student at Strategy& since the end of 2023. The autonomy for research and the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from the business course have been particularly beneficial.

What was your most memorable moment from the business course?

Sabin: Personally, I found the panel discussion with Strategy& employees to be particularly memorable. Featuring representatives from all levels of the organization, the panel fostered an open and honest discussion about successes, learning moments, and personal journeys. This transparency resonated with me, reflecting the open atmosphere that I’ve continued to experience since joining Strategy&.

The firm’s culture encourages asking questions, values diverse perspectives, and promotes personal growth — a vital aspect in becoming the best version of oneself.

The business course provided a unique and enjoyable adventure to understand Strategy&’s culture, projects, and people. I highly recommend it to anyone keen on exploring strategy consulting and connecting with a dynamic and inclusive professional community.

Ayanna: Reflecting on the most memorable moments, the presentations on the last day and the dinner the night before stood out. The group presentations showcased the diverse approaches teams took to solve a common problem, offering a comprehensive view after a week of collaborative effort. The dinner, a gathering of nearly half the firm, allowed me to ask questions, observe interactions, and further confirm the welcoming and enjoyable culture at Strategy&.

To conclude, the Strategy& business course was a transformative experience that solidified my career choice and provided valuable insights into the firm's culture.

Sibel: I cherish memories of consultancy skills training workshops at PwC’s office in Paris, a ‘Tuk Tuk Tour’ around the city, and a lively karaoke night. The friendships forged during the course endure, with some friends securing full-time positions at Strategy&.

In summary, the business course offered insights into Strategy&, fostered connections, and shaped my path toward a consultancy career. I highly recommend this course to anyone eager to connect with Strategy& professionals and gain deeper insights into their projects and culture.