'Delivering impactful projects in natural resources is gratifying'

27 March 2024 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

Ina Derksen and Jorge Gorrochategui-Ruiz both work in the Natural Resources practice of Turner & Townsend. “Delivering impactful projects in clean energy is gratifying.”

“Having worked on oil & gas projects in my previous job, I was looking for a position within natural resources where I could work with large, international clients,” says Ina. “Working on projects in the circular economy and thereby participating in something positive for society has been very rewarding.”

Ina re-joined Turner & Townsend in August 2021. She currently serves as a senior consultant with a focus on project controls.

'Delivering impactful projects in natural resources is gratifying'

Jorge celebrates his 1-year anniversary this month. “I have more of an infrastructure background, but I was already familiar with Turner & Townsend’s Natural Resources division from my time working in London. I felt this was the right business for me and I always wanted to get into the world of clean energy, so a move to Turner & Townsend was a natural one.”

The diversity of the job is what Jorge enjoys most in his role. “I currently work on a project for a big client in the mining sector, and have been very involved in the development of our Natural Resources practice.”

“My role is broad, so I have been able to see the growth of this division up close. From working on recruitment, bids, dealing with various clients, different internal departments and generally contributing to supporting a business with a lot of growth has really given me the diversity of subjects I was looking for.”

Ina notes that she is happy to work for a firm that priorities client excellence and innovation. “Turner & Townsend invests a lot in optimising its processes using innovative technology to achieve better results for our clients. In the area of project controls, for example, we have increasingly moved to high-end digital solutions to be best in class with these technologies in our market.”

Culture of trust

The importance of nurturing a cohesive, diverse culture is something that Ina and Jorge both agree on.

“What I really like is working in an international, diverse environment, not only in terms of the company and the clients we have, but also as a company itself. We are very connected with our teams in and outside of the Netherlands where people from different backgrounds are all working towards a clear goal.”

“Because the lines of communication are so fluid, you immediately know what is going on throughout the company, which in turn can provide new ideas and inspiration for your own projects.”

“Also, we never miss an opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge, whether during our quarterly meetings or just a simple Friday afternoon drink after work, everyone here realises that cohesion and working together can only have positive effects,” Ina continues.

Jorge adds: “As they say, diverse teams are better performing teams and I feel this is definitely the case for us. With a diverse team, it is also easier to adapt to customer needs and learn about different ways of working and thinking from a personal point of view.”

A member of the team that is responsible for diversity, equity & inclusion, “I can honestly say that there is very much a conscious push to build a workforce and culture which reflects this. The Natural Resources practice is very international by nature and being able to combine that with such a culturally diverse team contributes to our success.”

“Also, in terms of development, I feel that the management style is very collaborative, meaning that if you want to do something, or if you have an idea that could benefit the company, you are listened to and trusted to make the right decisions. Besides your annual review, you clearly have plenty of opportunity to put forward innovative ideas.”

“This also means that the company attracts people with an open mindset – those willing to try new things, which I feel typifies life at our company.”