Fiber Experts develops and adopts future-proof IT landscape

11 March 2024 2 min. read

In order to scale its activities nationwide, Fiber Experts was looking to develop a new IT strategy, with Anderson MacGyver brought on board for independent expertise and support.

To expand its operations across Germany, Fiber Experts sought to craft a new IT strategy, enlisting the independent expertise and support of Anderson MacGyver.

Anderson MacGyver, a digital strategy-focused consultancy with offices in several European countries, was able to support Fiber Experts with developing a new IT landscape that will help the German company continue expanding its network and reach its growth targets.

Fiber Experts develops and adopts future-proof IT landscape

Fiber Experts is a construction company specializing in the expansion of fiber optics with offices in Düsseldorf and Cologne. With over 25 years of industry experience and in-depth technical expertise the company is driving forward the expansion of broadband networks in Germany.

With Germany’s digitalization heavily reliant on the state of the digital infrastructure, Fiber Experts (and its peers) are facing an ambitious roadmap for the expansion of broadband networks.

“To achieve the growth targets set by the board, Fiber Experts needs to scale. To realize this, a future-proof IT landscape was needed”, said Anderson MacGyver in a statement.

Following a thorough analysis of the strategic positioning, business model, and defined growth objectives, Anderson MacGyver was able to provide Fiber Experts with tailored recommendations for the implementation of the digitalization initiatives, which subsequently were realized sustainably through collaborative efforts.

In addition to focusing on strategic foresight, the project team also consistently worked toward rapid operational success to achieve the goals.

The outcome of the joint effort has been a game changer for the German company. With the assistance of Anderson MacGyver, Fiber Experts was able to develop a future-proof IT landscape that facilitated digital network expansion. Furthermore, Fiber Experts standardized their processes and metrics and implemented a data platform as a central hub with the appropriate architecture, enabling transparency, faster responsiveness, and scalability throughout the construction process.

“We are proud to have made a significant contribution to the project’s development and implementation”, Anderson MacGyver stated.

The project comes at a time of mounting pressure from German officials to speed up the roll out of fiber optic infrastructure. Despite being Europe’s largest economy, Germany has fallen behind in digital infrastructure. In a recent benchmark on high-speed broadband connectivity, the country performed markedly under its economic standing.

Anderson MacGyver’s presence in Germany was launched in 2021, today operating alongside its offices in the Netherlands (headquarters) and Sweden.