LeadingMile launches Salesforce test automation tool TARA

09 April 2024 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read
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LeadingMile has launched TARA for Salesforce, a new solution that helps financial services institutions streamline the way they update or refurbish their Salesforce systems.

The financial services industry is built on client relationships, with Salesforce the market leader for customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Salesforce’s platform helps institutions connect their front, middle, and back-office processes around customers to gain an integral view of their customer and how to best serve them.

To remain at the forefront of Salesforce’s functionalities and security, keeping the system up-to-date is key – this is where the new TARA solution comes in.

LeadingMile lanceert testautomatisering-oplossing voor Salesforce

“Implementing changes and upgrades to systems is known for being complex and labour intensive, especially for customizable systems,” said Martijn Voorhaar, Founder and CEO of LeadingMile. That starts with understanding what is exactly slated for change, and what the impact will be on processes, roles and systems.

The next step requires joint business – tech teams to develop all kinds of tests that verify if the technological upgrade was implemented successfully. “This requires teams from the business to develop cases, which are then complemented by IT teams.” Once that work is done, and the new developments have been pushed, the tedious (sometimes iterative) step of actually having to run all those tests kicks off.

In a highly regulated environment such as the financial services sector, the criticality of getting such tests right are fundamental. According to Voorhaar, smart technology can go a long way in safeguarding this objective.

TARA for Salesforce

“Our TARA solution ensures that tests are delivered across all critical components of an organization’s operations. The tool supports automated testing across any web application, and provides insight into potential issues”, he explained. 

“At LeadingMile, we believe in automating complex and labour intensive processes to drive efficiency and productivity,” Voorhaar continued. “By identifying and addressing potential issues early in the development or upgrade process, financial institutions can minimize risks and potential damage to their business operations.”

TARA has been in operation since 2019, with the tool already deployed at a number of LeadingMile’s flagship clients. TARA for Salesforce now becomes the first vendor-specific edition to be rolled out.

With TARA built on state of art technology and cloud-friendly, organisations can adopt the tool without complex installations and end-users and testers can use it without any coding knowledge. “We think that the tool can revolutionize automated testing for Salesforce users in the industry. By simplifying testing, we empower organizations to accelerate their time-to-market and achieve their objectives.”

LeadingMile operates with offices in Amsterdam (headquarters), London and Belgrade. The firm works mainly for players in the alternative investment industry, including banks, asset managers, family offices, fund managers, private equity, and investment houses.