Exact is the market leader in business software in the Benelux. Our software supports the automation of accounting, financial, ERP, HRM and CRM processes. We also offer specific industry solutions. Exact enables organisations to have full control over their business processes – over 400,000 SMEs rely on Exact software for their operations.

Exact for business service providers

As a business service provider you want to grow responsibly. Even in times of an unpredictable market, it is key to underpin growth with solid operations.

As a business owner, you want to use your people and resources effectively. You want control and to be able to make the right decisions leveraging uniform and accurate data. In addition, achieving insight into your sales pipeline, sales inventory and project results is indispensable, alongside ensuring that consultants are optimally staffed. And ultimately you want to invoice quickly and correctly, so that funds are recovered as quick as possible.

Designed especially for business service providers, Exact for Project Management support the abovementioned tasks and more. With the solution, you always have insight into your projects, allowing you to increase the number of billable hours and drive healthier margins as less time is wasted with administration.

Your accounting and CRM are seamlessly integrated with time registration, project monitoring, capacity planning, purchasing and invoicing.

Are you looking for simple time registration & invoicing software? Or do you go for a comprehensive solution to consolidate projects and financial results across multiple international operating companies? Exact for Project Management is the all in 1 software for consulting firms and professional services firms, and can be customised and tailored to clients' needs.

Want to know more about Exact for Project Management? Visit this page for more details.

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