Brockmann & Büchner

It all started at school - 25 years ago. Our founders, Sascha Büchner and Marc Brockmann, met during secondary school and got to know each other and have spent a lot of time together. Their mutual sympathy developed into a lasting friendship that continues to this day.

One was studying social economics and the other business administration. They both showed strong commitment in their consultancy projects, one at a medium-sized consultancy and the other at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Despite their different paths, Sascha Büchner and Marc Brockmann frequently met to discuss current issues, and Marc even became the godfather of Sascha's twins.

Their dedication and determination led to the decision to turn their shared vision into a reality by setting up their own consultancy in 2010. Their entrepreneurial spirit also drove them to develop and implement other business models, such as an import company for American sweets and soft drinks, which still operates today.

More importantly, Brockmann & Büchner takes an entrepreneurial approach to projects: We see every project as an enterprise for which we take full responsibility, from the beginning to the final detail. For example, in innovation projects, we also participate in project companies and thus become part of the joint success. It is also possible to implement performance-related remuneration together.

We work for customers where they are, across the world

Brockmann & Büchner is part of a multi-local consulting network called Nextcontinent, which includes a consortium of over 3,000 professionals working in 30 countries. We partner with the Nextcontinent community to meet our customers' global business needs.