Twinxter launches masterclass for Obeya fundamentals

01 May 2024 1 min. read

Twinxter has launched a new masterclass that helps professionals learn the fundamentals of Obeya. The masterclass is available for individuals and teams.

Literally meaning ‘large room’ in Japanese, an Obeya is a physical or digital workspace with four walls where a large group of people collaborate to help bridge strategy and execution. By bringing together experts from different backgrounds with multidisciplinary skills, complex matters can be resolved in an integral and results-oriented manner.

The Obeya method has rapidly gained popularity over the past years, and is today used by organisations across sectors at both corporate and business unit level.

Twinxter - Obeya Fundamentals

The new ‘Masterclass Obeya Fundamentals’ from Twinxter is designed to teach business leaders, executives and change professionals with applying the concept within their own practice. It provides the fundamentals of what Obeya exactly is, when and in which context it can add value, and how it can build a more aligned strategy to execution agenda.

“The Obeya is an extremely valuable tool. Applying the method has demonstrated to help improve the dialogue, raise people interaction, drive performance, lift decision-making and above all to create a culture of trust and agility that makes organisations truly adaptive to change,” said Alize Hofmeester, partner at Twinxter and the lead trainer of the masterclass.

Upon completion of the 1-day masterclass, participants will have a thorough understanding of the concept and be able to design their own Obeya (including governance, four walls, roles and rhythm), based on their company’s specific purpose, strategy, and ways of working.

“This masterclass is recommended for anyone seeking to understand the essential principles and set-up of Obeya. Even if it is not your goal to become an Obeya practitioner yourself,” Hofmeester said.