TBC Bank adopts hybrid workplace concept in new Tbilisi HQ

03 May 2024 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

TBC Bank, one of Georgia’s largest privately-owned banks, will soon unveil a new landmark office building to house its headquarters in Tbilisi. With the ambition to develop a new workplace concept that aligns with the future and its unique culture, TBC Bank sought counsel from YNNO.

In partnership with architecture company UNStudio, TBC Bank is set to unveil its innovative headquarters in Georgia’s capital city at the end of 2024. The state-of-the-art building, designed for hybrid working, promises a contemporary and engaging environment aimed at fostering collaboration and productivity.

YNNO, a management consulting firm from the Netherlands specialized in workplace concepts, played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and shaping the new work environment.

TBC Bank adopts hybrid workplace concept in new Tbilisi HQ

The design of the new headquarters of TBC Bank in Tbilisi

Through meticulous research and collaboration with employees, YNNO ensured that the workspace would reflect peoples’ needs and aspirations. It was the consultancy’s first initiative in the Eastern European market.

“We had never been to Georgia. It was an eye-opener to find we have a lot of similarities in working culture and ethics, which enabled us to use our experience to create the right atmosphere for the people to learn, develop, connect, and work for TBC Bank,” said Pieter van der Laan, partner and Workplace Strategist at YNNO.

“It was also very interesting to see that the challenges they face concerning new ways of working are actually the same ones we encounter in the Netherlands or in Europe all together. For example, finding the right (young) people as a growing organization and facilitating them, but also keeping the current employees engaged through learning and development. Because those ‘struggles’ are well known to us, we were able to respond to them quite easily.”

The project signifies a commitment to redefining work culture, integrating modern amenities, and employee feedback to create an inspiring and functional space. The joint project team responsible for the workplace strategy integrated employee considerations into every step of the process, according to HR Business Partner Keti Tagvadze.

One of the challenges faced during this project was related with infrastructure. With the building situated just outside the city centre, it will requires staff to adopt a different way of traveling to work. This means TBC Bank will need to find effective ways for it to be accessible to employees.

Tbilisi is an up-and-coming city with a growing economy, but the city’s infrastructure is not yet at the standard of other more developed European capital cities, especially in terms of public transportation. The bank was reportedly attempting to work with the city on subsidized transportation to the new HQ.

The new facilities will offer collaborative work areas as well as private rooms, with a focus on creating a healthy and stimulating environment for this new age of hybrid work. YNNO took various aspects of Georgian culture and work ethic into consideration when designing the new facilities.