The best small and boutique management consulting firms in Germany

06 August 2018

A new ranking by an analyst firm in Germany has identified the country’s best mid-sized, small and boutique management consulting firms.

With a value of around €30 billion, according to the BDU, the association for the German consulting industry, Germany houses Europe’s largest management consultancy market, ahead of the UK and France. While the largest share of the industry is in the hands of the big players – including the leading strategy consultancies McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company; the Big Four; Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC; and other large consultancies such as Accenture, BearingPoint and Capgemini Consulting, among others, the bulk of the number of firms in the market are boutique and small and mid-sized (SME) management consulting firms.

Of the thousands of SMEs and boutiques in the marketplace, a new survey has identified those firms that according to their clients stand out from the crowd. Conducted by German institute Top Consultants, the analysis looked at how hundreds of management consultancies perform on criteria such as professionalism, competence and customer satisfaction, leading to a list of Germany’s best boutique and SME management advisory firms across two categories: organisational consultancy and management consultancy.

The best small and boutique management consulting firms in Germany

Organisation consulting:

- Brückel company development, Münster
- Corporate Happiness, München
- Kraus & Partner, Bruchsal
- initio Organisationsberatung, Berlin
- KGH Customs Services, Hamburg
- KODE, München
- LEAN & MORE, Rheine   
- Manufaktur für Wachstum, Bochum         
- Parameta Project Management, Erding
- PROZESSREICH, Kirchardt             
- PTA practice for team oriented work organization, Cologne
- QMC Consulting, Dusseldorf 

Management consulting:

- Abels & Kemmner Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung, Herzogenrath
- accantus, Switzerland
- accoda, Dusseldorf
- ACG Engineers, Aachen
- ACUROC, Idstein
- ams.Solution, Kaarst
- ARCA-Consult, Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm
- Atreus, Munich
- Audimus-Saar Consulting, Sulzbach
- Aurum Interim Management, Dusseldorf
- bkp Consulting, Kronberg in the Taunus
- Baumeistervalue - manufactory for management, Schongau
- Consulting Wink, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
- bluecue consulting, Bielefeld
- BUCS IT, Wuppertal
- candidus, Munich
- CONET, Hennef
- Cordes Rieger Consulting, Kiel
- CTO Balzuweit, Stuttgart
- CYLAD Consulting, Hamburg
- D-Level, Hamburg
- d3 consulting training coaching, Stuttgart
- dchp | consulting, Dusseldorf
- derks brand management consultants, Munich
- German consulting company for time value accounts and working life models, Lorch
- division one, Stuttgart
- Dr. Bolz Immobilien, Stuttgart
- Dr. Kraus & Partners, Bruchsal
- Dr. Weick Executive Search, Titisee-Neustadt
- EbelHofer Strategy & Management Consultants, Cologne
- eccelerate, Munich
- Econum Consulting, Ludwigsburg
- Expense Reduction Analysts, Wiesbaden
- FMT International Executive Search, Berlin
- FOSTEC & Company, Stuttgart
- FTC, Hochheim
- GB International GmbH Executive Consultants, Wuppertal
- Gerlach, Porst + Steiner, Bad Homburg
- gök Consulting, Berlin
- GPI Service Center, Nagold
- Hanse CRM, Hamburg
- Hapeko Hanseatisches Personalkontor, Hamburg
- Haufe Academy, Freiburg im Breisgau
- High Performance Solutions, Bad Arolsen
- High Tech Corporate Services, Munich
- Hotel Affairs Consulting, Dusseldorf
- HPP | Strategy and Marketing Consulting, Frankfurt am Main
- pulse!, Pouring
- Engineering Office QM International Georg Moti, Ingolstadt
- Impuls!, Giessen
- IWL, Ulm
- K & H Business Partner, Hamburg
- Karer Consulting, vineyard
- Kellermann & Riehm Consulting, Hamburg
- Kerkhoff Consulting, Dusseldorf
- Kerkhoff Cost Engineering, Dusseldorf
- Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement, Dusseldorf
- Competence Center for Factory and Site Planning, Burghausen
- KOPFSPRINGER, Dusseldorf
- KORN CONSULT, Jossgrund
- Krause & Schopp Integration Management, Koblenz
- LEAN & MORE, Rheine
- Lean at work, Münster
- LEAN PARTNERS Project Gesellschaft, Seelze
- LEWAN ASSOCIATES Unternehmensberatung, Dusseldorf
- LF Consult, Stuttgart
- LOCOM Consulting, Karlsruhe
- LucaNet, Berlin
- M & L Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main
- m3 management consulting, Ismaning
- MBB Consulting, Munich
- MODUL-CONSULT Corporate Development, Pforzheim
- msab - Management System Training and Consulting, Warendorf
- Next Digital Group, Meerbusch
- Parameta Project Management, Erding
- PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER, Ilsfeld-Auenstein
- Promerit, Frankfurt am Main
- PROTEMA Unternehmensberatung, Stuttgart
- PROCESSIVE, Kirchardt
- PTA practice for team oriented work organization, Cologne
- QMatrix, Bellheim
- QMC Consulting, Dusseldorf
- Rödl Consulting, Nuremberg
- Roland Schwarzer Unternehmensverkauf Deutschland, Dusseldorf
- Schubert Packaging Systems, Crailsheim
- Schuppar Consulting, Dusseldorf
- Sellke.Personalized Executive Assistant Search Barbara Sellke MA, heathrod
- Späth buoy, Ettlingen
- Startup Factory China, Munich
- Structure Management Partner, Cologne
- Sybit, Radolfzell
- Tauster, Reutlingen
- Trevisto, Nuremberg
- Tröger IT Business Consulting, Fürth
- Truffle Bay Management Consulting, Munich
- Business Consulting Nico Reichelmann, Augsburg
- UWS Business Solutions, Paderborn
- Viehoff Consult, Stolberg
- XEPTUM Consulting, Neckarsulm 

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France's top strategy consulting firms in the industrials sector

09 April 2019

A new analysis of consulting firms active in France has identified the country’s top providers of strategic consultancy services to the manufacturing and industrials sector.

Valued at around one fifth of France’s roughly €5 billion management consulting industry, the strategy consulting segment spans services aimed at clients’ most strategic challenges. Whether it relates to the development of a new corporate strategy, outlining strategic scenarios for the future, merger & acquisition support, or the transition to a new, digital-savvy business model, strategy consultants help a company's board and senior managers with designing and navigating pressing cases for change. 

France’s market for strategy consulting services is dominated by a group of leading players, consisting of large global firms, including the ‘MBB’ trio (McKinsey, BCG and Bain), a group of European-origin counterparts (led by Germany headquartered Roland Berger and UK-origin L.E.K. Consulting) and a band of homegrown challengers including the likes of Advancy, Emerton and Advention. 

According to data sourced from French outlet Decideurs Magazine, which assesses the quality of services as well as company reputation among decision-makers and consultants, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Roland Berger and French firm Emerton lead the lead the way in strategic consulting services to industrial executives. The industrial goods or manufacturing sector spans companies that rely heavily on industrial processes for turning raw materials into products or goods, including aerospace and defence, automotive, construction, chemicals, machinery, consumer goods and textile.

The market-leading position of McKinsey and BCG comes as no major surprise: they are among the largest players in France, mirroring their global grandeur, and consistently rank in the top echelon of similar local rankings. Roland Berger’s top rank builds for a large part on the firm’s growing Paris office and Francophone leadership, groomed by the firm’s CEO himself, Charles-Edouard Bouée, a French national who is now in his second term as CEO (and the first non-German to hold the role).France's top strategy consulting firms in the industrials sectorEstablished in 2012, Emerton is a boutique strategy consulting firm that operates with a team of around 50 consultants from offices in Paris, Brussels, Boston, New York and Dubai. The privately held company works with large corporations, family businesses and technology entrepreneurs on topics such as strategy, (commercial) due diligence, market entry, economic policy, marketing & sales, and innovation.

Strategy consulting services

A group of ten consulting firms follow shortly behind the leading pack, with their breadth and depth of strategy consulting services qualified as “excellent”. Bain & Company, A.T. Kearney, Oliver Wyman, Strategy& and L.E.K. Consulting are brands that raise no eyebrows – all five are among the ten largest strategy consultancies of the world. Accenture and Deloitte both see their dedicated strategy consulting arms – Accenture Strategy and Monitor Deloitte (established in 2012 after Deloitte bought Monitor Group) – also make the cut, showing their heels to two of the other ‘big four’ players EY and KPMG.

While KPMG doesn’t have a dedicated strategy consulting arm, instead serving the market with its Deals & Growth Strategy and Corporate Finance service lines, EY has been pushing hard to build its strategic consulting services through its EY-Parthenon brand. Formed in 2014 when EY picked up The Parthenon Group, the firm has since more than tripled in size, with Europe its key growth market; particularly so in France, as well as the Benelux and Germany, as EY-Parthenon was bolstered significantly with the purchase of the local teams of OC&C Strategy Consultants. 

Three of the other excellent ranking strategy consulting firms in France have their roots in the country. Advancy was founded in 1999 in Paris, and now has offices in Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, São Paulo, London, New Delhi and Boston, and has an additional network of nine affiliate consulting partners around the world. Corporate Value Associates (CVA) positions itself as a global strategy boutique – the consultancy has over 250 advisors across seventeen offices globally, with the firm’s Paris office one of its strongholds. Mars & Co is of a similar size, but operates with a smaller number of offices with seven globally. The company was founded 40 years ago by a former BCG Director, with the “raison d'être” to serve clients in an industry segment on an exclusive basis, an approach which it to a large extent still maintains today. 

Also listed among France’s top strategic consultancies are Arthur D. Little, the world’s oldest management consulting firm; Eleven Strategy, a Paris-based consultancy that focuses mainly on digital strategy; Advention Business Partners, a group founded in 2001 with offices in Paris, London, Moscow, Munich, New York, Dubai, and Shanghai; and Estin & Co; a firm founded by alumni of BCG, McKinsey and Oliver Wyman which currently consists of some 150-plus strategy consultants based in Paris, London, Zurich, New York and Shanghai.

In another ranking of strategy consulting firms in France, based on the view of students, McKinsey, BCG and Bain surfaced as the country’s most prestigious employers.