IG&H adds OutSystems teams in the Netherlands and Portugal

28 May 2019 Consultancy.eu 4 min. read

IG&H Consulting, a Netherlands-based consultancy firm, has added approximately 45 consultants specialised in OutSystems to its ranks with the acquisition of Isengard Solutions in the Netherlands and the carve-out of a team from Portuguese technology provider Noesis.

The two teams will lead IG&H Consulting’s services in the area of OutSystems, one of the globe’s most used low-code platforms for rapid application development. Founded in 2001 in Portugal (although the company now is headquartered in the US), OutSystems has seen massive growth in uptake in recent years on the back of booming demand for digital transformation services. Using low-code developments, organisations can break free from legacy structures and help IT teams become more agile, effective and productive, while providing the business – and ultimately the end users – with a better product/service and customer experience.

A key benefit of low-code is that the business is provided the opportunity to contribute to the entire development cycle, as the development of applications is managed not by coding (for which programming knowledge is required) to modelling (visual and easily accessible).

Jan van Hasenbroek, founder and managing partner of IG&H, is seeing the growing low-code adoption trend across the firm’s client-base of corporates and mid-sized businesses. “Our clients want to digitise faster, both their core systems as well as their mobile applications. Through high-productivity platforms such as OutSystems, we can provide them with innovative business solutions considerably faster and at lower cost.”IG&H adds OutSystems teams in the Netherlands and PortugalSome two years ago, following a market inventory on application development platforms (the likes of among others Appian, Mendix, Nintex, Pega and PowerApps were reviewed), IG&H opted to embrace OutSystems as its preferred solution of choice. In January last year, the firm formalised this by striking a strategic partnership with the US-headquartered software vendor.

Commenting on the collaboration at the time, Mark Boerekamp, a partner at IG&H, said, “OutSystems is today’s most advanced low-code platform and is rated highly by analysts. The platform is a perfect match with clients’ desire to realise high-quality technical solutions faster while meeting customers’ wishes and expectations.”

Over the past seventeen months, IG&H Consulting has delivered projects using OutSystems across the three main sectors it operates in – retail, financial services and healthcare. Now, growing demand for OutSystems expertise has encouraged the advisory business to integrate a team of nearly 50 OutSystems consultants into its business.


In Portugal, IG&H has acquired a team of 30 technology experts – including senior developers and enterprise cloud architects – from Noesis. The team based in Lisbon brings a wealth of experience in software development and infrastructures to the firm, and is led by Nuno Pacheco, who previously spent fifteen years with Noesis and Reditus. He is joined by among others seniors Fabio Silva, Duarte Gouveia, Cristina Carvalho, Délio Gonçalves and Elena Novozhilova.

“As further growth is anticipated, IG&H will open a new office in Lisbon and a training centre in Coimbra next month,” said Van Hasenbroek.

The Netherlands

Meanwhile, in the IG&H’s home country, the firm has purchased Isengard Solutions, an Utrecht-based IT consultancy founded in 2017 that is dedicated to the OutSystems platform. The two consultancies have worked together on numerous projects in the past year, demonstrating “the winning combination in realising impactful company-wide transformations,” remarked Boerekamp. 

Isengard’s team of around 15 consultants and staff join IG&H, including founder Martin Westra and director Rob van der Jagt. “The track record of our new co-workers in Portugal and the sector expertise of IG&H offer us the opportunity to grow more quickly. By joining forces, we can offer our customers a design, build and run solution, and we will become one of OutSystems’ main technology and business partners in Europe,” said Westra.

IG&H’s OutSystems unit is part of the firm’s Technology division, which houses approximately 100 of the company's in total 260 professionals.

Earlier this year, IG&H acquired GroupLife, a Dutch consulting firm for the pension and life insurance sector.