Innopay and DCSP hosting first edition of Data Sharing Days

08 November 2019 2 min. read

In January next year, the first edition of the Data Sharing Days will take place in The Hague, the Netherlands. Positioned as Europe’s premier event dedicated to data sharing, the two-day congress will see a host of leading speakers in the field share the latest trends and insights in the data domain.

“We are excited and pleased that so many influential leaders from the data sharing domain have committed to speak and share their expertise at the Data Sharing Days,” said Mariane ter Veen, Director Data Sharing at Innopay, which is co-organising the event together with DCSP, a magazine for data, cybersecurity and privacy professionals. 

Among the list of keynote speakers is Ruben Verborgh, Professor of Semantic Web Technology at the University of Gent. He is currently working on Solid, a new ecosystem started by Tim Berners-Lee, an English engineer and computer scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. His presentation will focus on how linked data apps are reshaping the web.Innopay and DCSP hosting first edition of Data Sharing DaysPaul Ham, a leader at Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, a service provider for container shipping, will also present a new data service that leverages data-sharing for better planning in the logistical chain, while Susan Morrow, a member of the Women in Identity Community (a collective of women shaping the future of the identity industry) will elaborate on trends and developments in the digital identity landscape.

Key themes across the presentations will be ‘data sovereignty’ – a concept that data ownership and sharing should be subject to laws and governance structures that meet the interests of both the data owner and data holder. According to a recently released book by Innopay, data sovereignty nowadays is tilted to the benefit of data holders – read: tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Google – with consumers expected to grow their stake in ownership in the coming years.

“People’s awareness is growing that they want to play a central role in the data economy – after all, isn’t it their data? Data sovereignty should be the central design principle of the data economy; an economy in which everyone – organisations and consumers alike – will have control over their data and thrive from all the benefits that sharing data entails,” said Ter Veen, who will also lead a workshop at the event.

“Data sharing and sovereignty is a challenge which policymakers and organisations must address now. At the Data Sharing Days, participants can actively take part in the discussion about data sharing in industry, research and governmental environments, learn from new ideas and emerging trends, and meet with interesting experts in their field,” she concluded.