Merkle extends ThoughtSpot partnership into the Benelux

12 March 2020 3 min. read

Merkle has extended its partnership with ThoughtSpot into the Benelux, joining the likes of other professional services firms such as Accenture, Bain & Company, Cognizant and PwC.

ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence tool that helps companies with rapidly analysing data and turning data into visualised insights. Now valued at over $2 billion following its Series D funding last year, the company’s tool is today used by hundreds of corporates including Daimler, Rolls Royce and Walmart.

ThoughtSpot differentiates itself in the markt through its capability of allowing users to have a “conversation with their data”. Users can ask the tool questions such as “How many biscuits die we sell in Europe last year” and leveraging natural language processing, conversational analytics and artificial intelligence, the tool independently generates stunningly crafted reports and dashboards. 

This feature allow companies to expand the use of data analysis to all levels of the organisation – using ThoughtSpot everyone can tap into the power of data analytics – and subsequently reap the benefits of data-driven working. 

Merkle extends ThoughtSpot partnership into the Benelux

“Our platform brings the power of data analysis to non-technical users. In a way that is as easy as finding information in Google. And ThoughtSpot's artificial intelligence engine (‘SpotIQ’) generates insights on questions that end user may not even have thought about,” said Toni Adams, a Senior Vice President and Partnerships Manager at ThoughtSpot. 

Globally, the US-headquartered software provider works with to the tune of 90 consulting firms and technology implementation partners, including Dentsu Aegis subsidiary Merkle, with over 9,000 employees one of the larger marketing consultancies and agencies in the world. 

Merkle Benelux

Building on the track record of the firm’s 330-strong team in the Benelux, ThoughtSpot has now admitted Merkle Netherlands into its partnership mandate. Adams: “By working together with Merkle, we can leverage their unique expertise in people-based marketing and customer experience to help our customers in the Benelux transform the power of analytics into tangible business results.” 

Remco Weijers, Director Data & Insights at Merkle Netherlands, is delighted with the partnership: “The amount of data is increasing exponentially, and the amount of data-driven decisions within all kinds of business functions continues to grow. ThoughtSpot is a disruptor of the business intelligence sector.”

“The unique combination of ThoughtSpot’s benefits – convenience, speed, visualisations and an unlimited number of users – ensures that companies can underpin all their decisions with the most current and relevant insights on a daily basis. This resonates closely with Merkle’s focus on people-based analytics.”