Horváth & Partners launches covid-19 tracker for businesses

18 May 2020 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read
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German consulting firm Horváth & Partners has launched a new tool that helps its clients to track macroeconomic developments as markets respond to the Covid-19 crisis.

Emerging risks and crisis situations push companies to their limits. As has been seen with the current coronavirus pandemic, mass health crises also have an immediate economic impact to reckon with – and with the global economy facing a major recession, risk managers are faced with dealing with a number of completely new and extremely challenging risk situations.

Emerging risks require a change in traditional risk management methods, as historical data and experience reports are rare. In order to help risk managers cope, Horváth & Partners has launched the COIN-19 tool, which provides macroeconomic analysis of the Covid-19 situation.

Using Horváth & Partners’ tool, clients of the firm can keep track of what the current Covid-19 situation is anywhere in world, and can use that info for risk management and health and safety responses – as well as grabbing any new opportunities quickly. In an article on the firm’s website attributed to Klaus Martin Jäck, Horváth & Partners outlined the benefits of integrating risk and compliance management into corporate management.

According to Jäck, “Active risk and compliance management is becoming a key component of modern performance management. Making this an integrated part of your corporate management results in relevant information about risks and opportunities being incorporated into your decision-making processes in good time. In this way, the information helps to secure and increase the value of your company in the long term.”

He added that proactive compliance, keeping one step ahead of new legislation amid the current lock-down, can also quickly become a significant competitive advantage for a company. COIN-19 can help structure any company processes that are subject to regulatory provisions, avoiding bureaucratic hurdles and facilitating efficiency in the process.

With around 1,000 consultants and staff, Horváth & Partners is the fourth largest German-origin consulting firm. The management consultancy serves clients across a wide range of areas, including organisation, finance and risk, operations, procurement and supply chain, human resources, innovation, digitisation, and research and development.