Sopra Steria and Salesforce launch social distancing app

03 June 2020 3 min. read

A new ‘social distancing app is helping retailers, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, car showrooms and beach management service providers manage new social distancing guidelines, reduce the potential for lost sales and make the customer experience as smooth as possible. 

The app has been specifically designed to help people book appointments for shopping, dining, leisure and healthcare activities at a time that suits them from their own home. All participants need to do is log onto the Cod@casa website, enter their details, then turn up at the agreed time to undertake their shopping, dining or leisure experience.

More than 450 Coop Linguria stores in Italy are already using Cod@casa, an online booking system which allows people to pre-book a time slot to visit a participating physical store. In Italy alone, more than 60,000 users have signed up to the app.

Sopra Steria and Salesforce launch social distancing app

Carlo Ballarino, Head of Project Management at digital consulting firm Sopra Steria, commented: “The app has been designed with customers and citizens at the heart of it. In particular we have paid attention to the impact on the environment and on society caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“For businesses who need a safe physical operating environment the app can help them manage footfall at their locations at different times of the day and make sure they are compliant with relevant rules and regulations regarding social distancing.” 

Coop Liguria

On the Coop Liguria project, Sopra Steria wanted to do something for the communities the retailer is part of as well as the business itself. “The free app service for customers of Coop Liguria goes in this direction and is associated with the concept of Unified Commerce with a strategic vision of omnichannel to customer service, placed at the centre of retail and large-scale retail trade.”

“By adopting this technology solution and integrating it with their CRM system Coop Liguria will be able to make sure they are adhering to social distancing guidelines and serving their customers safely. They will also be able to benefit from minimising lost sales and improve the efficiency of their store operations by linking customer booking times to staffing and stock levels required.”

“For customers who may find it difficult to shop at specific times due to children, adult dependents or shift working patterns the app gives them the opportunity to shop, dine or relax at a time convenient for them.”

Placed in a broader perspective, the developers believe that the app can play a key role for retailers, hospitality and healthcare providers both now during the Covid-19 pandemic and also in the future when guidelines are relaxed. “For example we are already working on evolving the solution based on feedback we have received from the financial services sector around using the app for booking video consultations with trained financial advisors.”

Sopra Steria and Salesforce are currently also introducing the app in the United Kingdom.