Independent consultants commit to Covid-19 solidarity initiative

08 June 2020 3 min. read
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Comatch, a European platform for independent consultants and experts, has launched a Covid-19 solidarity initiative, aimed at providing pro-bono consulting services to organisations hard hit by the current crisis.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has pushed businesses across all corners of Europe into business continuity and crisis planning mode. Building on its database of more than 10,000 vetted consultants and industry experts, Comatch has now launched an initiative that enables clients to tap into its network for insights and hands-on support that can help them navigate the storm.

The average consultant in Comatch’s network has over eight years of tier one management consulting or industry experience, making them well placed to advise on pressing topics, or support with the execution of business continuity plans.

The initiative comes shortly after Comatch unveiled its new brand, emphasising the importance of collaboration to its operations, and stating its work is “more than just a job”. 

Independent consultants commit to Covid-19 solidarity initiative

What started as a small idea in its French office, has now grown to a commitment of over 1,000 independent consultants (or one in every ten members of Comatch’s database) who are willing to support organisations that have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, on a pro-bono basis. Associations, SMEs, NGOs, medical, social or public organisations which have been badly affected by the Covid-19 crisis can reach out for support via Comatch’s website.

Commenting on the scheme via LinkedIn, Comatch UK&I Managing Director Charlotte Gregson said, “Our network includes experts in Crisis Communication, HR, Change Management, Logistics, Agile, IT, Data Analytics, Risk, Fundraising, Security, Operations, Grant Attainment, Remote Work, Coaching and Strategy. We are doing our best to match organisations with the best consultant for the job.”

Since launching, Comatch’s network has committed to a number of projects, include one in France, aimed at finding Covid-19 protection masks for two public hospitals, and one with a global mandate. For a worldwide consortium, Comatch helped source a respiratory system that meets healthcare demands.

The news comes as part of a wider corporate social responsibility drive at Comatch, which recently saw the group opt to work with atmosfair, in a bid to compensate for CO2 emissions. The amount of CO2 created by Comatch’s business flights over the whole year came out at roughly 100 tonnes. The money that Comatch pays to offset this amount will support a project of their choosing which will directly cause a reduction of CO2 emissions.