BOLD bridges data science to IT gap with UbiOps platform

01 December 2020 2 min. read
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Months after adding KNIME to its portfolio of data science solutions, BOLD has now also signed a partnership agreement with UbiOps.

The digital consulting practice of BOLD – – supports its clients with realising their digital transformation plans. One of the firm’s main offerings is data science, and in the field, uses a range of complementary tools (such as KNIME) that can help its clients end-to-end, from the concept phase to the actual deployment and maintenance. 

The partnership with UbiOps (formerly known as Dutch Analytics) is aimed at the step in between design and build phases. After smart algorithms have been built and tested, the next step is to turn these algorithms into robust and secure end-to-end applications. However, this step is notorious for its pitfalls, and according to UbiOps chief executive Yannick Maltha, “nearly 80% of the models never reach production.”

BOLD bridges data science to IT gap with UbiOps platform

This is where UbiOps comes in. The Dutch investor-backed start-up (launched in 2016) provides a software platform that enables data scientists to easily turn algorithms into applications, bridging the gap between data science and information technology.

“Our platform takes care of a smooth transition,” said Maltha, “without requiring knowledge of IT topics such as cloud infrastructure, micro-services, automated scaling or DevOps.” He added that UbiOps’ platform is independent of coding languages, and can support the deployment of any type of code used for algorithms. 

Stephanie Wagenaar, who leads, is pleased with the collaboration. “Developing the most advanced machine learning models without deploying those in the day to day operations of a business is useless. UbiOps is a great platform to power the deployment of algorithms. This will enable us to help our clients better scale their data science capabilities and extract more value from data.”

The partnership builds on a period of collaboration between the two firms. For a client of BOLD in the food industry, and UbiOps teamed up to help the company gain more insights into the customer portfolio, and then supported the sales and marketing team with enhancing the decision-making process. 

Now stepping up their efforts, “we are looking forward to partner with,” concluded Maltha.