Two women in strategy consulting on working at Strategy&

27 May 2021 3 min. read

Anne-Fleur Tjon Joe Gin and Tessa Brand both work for Strategy& in the firm’s Amsterdam office. The two women reflect on how it is to work in strategy consulting and how the firm helps them advance their career.

What is your background and why did you choose Strategy&?

Anne-Fleur: My main reason to choose Strategy& was the warm and inspiring people. I quickly discovered a real connection with the people during my interviews as they showed genuine interest in my experiences and interests, and in me personally. The conversations felt natural and made me feel comfortable and at home. 

Moreover, thanks to my background in policy engineering – where simulation models are used to support (governmental) policy – I felt a good match with Strategy& due to its work in the public sector. These reasons made me choose Strategy& and one virtual year later I’m still very happy to be here. 

Anne-Fleur Tjon Joe Gin and Tessa Brand - Strategy&

Tessa: With my engineering background and five-plus years working experience in the industry [at Vanderlande], switching to strategy consulting was not an obvious move. Although I really enjoyed my previous job and had lots of learning opportunities, I wanted to explore what else was ‘out there’. In addition, I hoped consulting would help broaden my professional development… And it has!

What has been your best experience at Strategy& to date?

Anne-Fleur: I started in April last year during the first Covid-19 peak. I then got the opportunity to work for one of the companies that flourished due to the new regulations and lockdown introduced to tackle the pandemic. This company brings added value to all of us, giving me a sense of the importance of the work I do.

Additionally, even though the project setting was completely virtual, I got to meet lots of colleagues both in my own project and from around the world. 

Tessa: Doing a pro bono project at Hospitainer last summer was definitely a great experience. It was incredibly cool to be able to support them with their mission ‘to minimise human suffering by supplying containerised medical solutions in emergency situations’. I was impressed by people’s drive to help others and by Hospitainer’s ability to provide medical solutions in high-risk locations like war zones and natural disaster areas at short notice. 

I had the opportunity to support them with identifying their core capabilities and defining their strategic direction, both aimed at increasing social impact and scaling up the number of people with access to healthcare. It was an impressive experience that I will never forget. 

How has Strategy& empowered you as a female leader?

Anne-Fleur: I have experienced how challenging it can be to start your career in an online environment. The strong sense of community in the Amsterdam office helped me integrate well into the firm as well as develop my leadership skills: lead myself and support others in becoming their best selves. Two informal female mentors guided and supported me throughout my first year both on a personal and professional level. It has been a very valuable experience for me. 

Tessa: Coming back to the development part, I truly feel that the things I learned at Strategy& supplemented the skills and knowledge I gained in the industry and helped me build a wide range of knowledge and experience. In addition, the cliché about being surrounded by inspiring and motivated people turned out to be true. All colleagues encourage you to grow and empower you as a person.