Amsterdam Data Collective acquires Dutch innovation boutique

01 December 2021 2 min. read

Dutch data science consultancy Amsterdam Data Collective has acquired Toekomstdoeners, a boutique focused on design-led innovation.

Speaking about the news, the CEO of Amsterdam Data Collective Rik van der Woerdt said, “Our mission is to initiate and contribute to the successful completion of the most impactful data science initiatives. In order to realise this objective, it is essential that the strategy is designed in the right way, with a clear focus on the unique value that data can deliver within a specific organisation.”

This is where Toekomstdoeners comes in, he said: “The addition of Toekomstdoeners will help us better shape this design phase.”

Amsterdam Data Collective acquires Dutch innovation boutique

Founded just last year by Kevin Hanemaaijer and Roel Frietman, two business consultants by background that in recent years have specialised in topics at the intersection of design thinking, customer experience and innovation, Toekomstdoeners helps its clients with concepting new products and services, business models and customer excellence improvements.

Over the past months, the two consulting firms worked together on a number of occasions – on joint client engagements, but also on an internal strategy journey Amsterdam Data Collective underwent earlier this year. Upon completion of this journey, Van der Woerdt reached out on LinkedIn to thank ToekomstDoeners for “structuring our thinking and helping us test our approach across sectors.”

“We’ve already collaborated regularly and successfully. The joining of forces enables us to both deepen and extend our data driven proposition,” he said.

The integration will see Amsterdam Data Collective launch a third competence centre (Strategy & Innovation, which operates alongside the other two centres Data Engineering and Analytics), with Hanemaaijer and Frietman helming the new wing.

“In the collaboration with the data scientists and consultants from Amsterdam Data Collective, we noticed that 1+1 is much more than 3,” said Hanemaaijer. “By making this step, we can make more impact for our clients, and ultimately society.”