Communication platform Slack names Nextview a services partner

04 January 2022 2 min. read

Enterprise communication platform Slack has named Nextview a services partner for businesses across Europe.

Slack is one of the globe’s most used platforms for business communication within organisations. According to the latest data released by the Salesforce subsidiary, Slack currently has close to 15 million users worldwide, with a growing number of organisations adopting the platform to streamline teamwork and communications.

Organisations using Slack are supported by a vetted base of so-called ‘Services Partners’ – consulting firms that “help Slack users get the most out of the technology”. In Europe, over a dozen firms have been provided an official partner status, with Netherlands-based Nextview now the latest to join the ranks.

Communication platform Slack names Nextview a services partner

Niek Bachman, Slack Alliance Manager at Nextview, said that Nextview is well-equipped to implement Slack for its customers, leveraging a design-led methodology. “Our approach makes all the difference. Together with our customers, we design the structures behind the tools we implement. By focussing on the human aspect, the process and the technology, we make sure to create one seamless experience for the end users.”

Nextview (which has around 100 professionals) has already lined up a large team of trained and certified business consultants, technical consultants and project managers in order to be able to deliver its Slack services. “In the next 12 months, we will train all our consultants in the delivery of Slack technology and services.”

According to Bachman, Slack is set for another bumper year in 2022, following accelerated demand for its platform in the slipstream of the rapid update of digital ways of working. “Slack offers a richer experience compared to other collaboration platforms.”

“Slack is also much more enterprise oriented. It allows an impressive level of integration with the rest of your workstream, further optimising processes and structures within an organization. The additional apps and workflows are unique, as are its security features.”

Other Services Partners of Slack include Adaptavist, Rainmaker and ABeam Consulting. The US technology giant launched its Services Partner programme in 2019, alongside its Technology Partner programme.