Roland Berger plans to add 200 consultants in Germany this year

24 April 2018 3 min. read

The management consultancy Roland Berger is on a growth trajectory in Germany. This year, the Munich-headquartered consulting firm intends to hire around 200 new consultants in Germany, according to Deputy CEO Stefan Schaible.

Consulting firm Roland Berger was founded in 1967, and having celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, is one of Europe’s leading strategy consultancy firms. With around 2,400 employees working across 50 offices in 34 countries worldwide, the consultancy boasts operations in all major international markets, alongside domestic domination. The firm has revenues of over €500 million in Germany, making Roland Berger the largest of the management consultancies with German roots.

The firm grew its sales by around 10% last year, and according to Stefan Schaible, Deputy CEO of Roland Berger, the first months of 2018 have similarly started well. In a recent interviewed with the Frankfurt Allgemeine Wirtschaft, Schaible added, "Again, we expect an extraordinarily good year again this year."Roland Berger plans to add 200 consultants in Germany this yearDespite this success on the firm’s home front, however, the international industry leaders in strategy consulting such as McKinsey & Company and the Boston Consulting Group remain largely out of reach, and are significantly larger in terms of both headcount and revenues, overall. BCG has already announced that it will hire up to 500 new employees in Germany this year.

Elsewhere, having booked explosive growth in 2017, German consulting firm Q_Perior ramped revenues by 35%. Organic growth across its footprint of 11 offices in 8 countries, as well as the acquisition of P5group, are the key drivers of this success, taking the firm through the barrier of 1,000 employees for first time in its seven year history – making it the sixth largest German-origin management consultancy. For 2018, the firm intends to keep this expansion up, with the planned hiring of more than 150 new employees this year.

As a result of this heightened competition, with one eye on new firms gaining ground, and the other on keeping pace with its MBB competitors, Roland Berger has announced plans to grow its talent pool – as something which the consulting firm will hope it to help realise its ambition to continuing rapid growth, at home and abroad.

Roland Berger intends to bring in around 180 and 200 new consultants in Germany. While this sounds high, however, as turnover in the industry is also traditionally very high, around a quarter of new hires are likely to be needed to replenish existing jobs. Meanwhile, three quarter is likely to be ‘real growth’. Globally, this year’s total recruitment drive will stand at between 500 and 600 new consultants.

According to a recent Roland Berger report, Europe's private equity market to is set for another strong year in 2018.