Pieter Schoonraad on his move to BlinkLane Consulting

25 October 2022 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

After spending about a year at another consultancy, Pieter Schoonraad was keen to challenge himself internationally. This led him to BlinkLane Consulting, a professional home where he can “collaborate with diverse colleagues on different projects, see varying perspectives and learn from every experience.”

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Pieter Schoonraad completed a bachelor's degree in business science, with a focus on financial management and entrepreneurship.

During his studies at Stellenbosch University, he also played professional rugby. It was due to the sport that he ended up in the Netherlands – via a rugby exchange. That went so well that in 2019, he decided to move to the country on a permanent basis.

Pieter Schoonraad, Transformation Consultant, BlinkLane Consulting

After completing a master's degree in Strategic Management at Tilburg University, Schoonraad decided to start his career in the consulting industry. During his training, he had already completed an internship at Kirkman Company, where he first ventured into the world of organisational transformations.

Not long after, Schoonraad started working at Eiffel. There, he followed a traineeship program and gained experience in, among other things, process optimisation projects and agile ways of working.

During one such engagement at a client, Schoonraad quickly grew into the role of project coordinator. And it was then that he came into the sights of BlinkLane Consulting. While he was not looking for a new role at the time, a referral from a former colleague soon led to an interesting encounter with the firm.

“During the first conversation I immediately felt at home,” Schoonraad recalled. “At every stage of the application process I learned more about what BlinkLane Consulting does and this really spurred me.”

Transformation specialists

Within the 50-strong team, Schoonraad fulfils the role of Transformation Consultant. But, what does BlinkLane Consulting do, exactly?

“It is a company that focuses on transformation consulting,” Schoonraad elaborated. “We help our customers design and implement changes. We don't leave until the benefits have been realised and new ways of working are embedded. Agile working is an important part of our transformation approach.”

Over the past few months, he has been able to contribute to various projects. For example, he was involved in a major transformation project that involved transforming several global hubs of an electronic manufacturing company to introduce agile ways of working.

In particular, Schoonraad enjoys the way the work engages so many of his proficiencies – from his technological and project management experience, to his change management and analytical skills – as well as his eye for cultural differences.

Diverse projects and open culture

At the same time, Schoonraad loves the variety of projects that now come his way. Speaking on the “enormous diversity of my role” at BlinkLane Consulting, Schoonraad noted that the company’s inclusive culture enables him to really broaden his horizons.

Pointing to the pleasant cooperation he enjoys with colleagues, he explained that the open culture he experiences within the office makes learning much easier.

“Most companies claim to be a flat organisation, but in my experience that is hardly true. At BlinkLane Consulting, everyone is truly hospitable. Working side by side with a partner is very common here. I think that's what makes the culture here so unique.”

Looking ahead, Schoonraad hopes to develop further in the profession in the coming years. And continuing to learn from different perspectives and providing customers with the best possible support will be key to that. “From business analysis and outlining a strategy, to implementing a new way of working and coaching, that is which gives me energy,” he concluded.