UMS Group starts next cycle of asset management learning consortium

13 September 2023 2 min. read

Following a successful 2022/23 cycle, UMS Group has kicked off the selection process for the next edition of its asset management learning consortium.

Established over 12 years ago, the International Transmission Asset Management Study (ITAMS) is a learning consortium that brings leading grid operators worldwide together to share their practices in asset management. The program is facilitated by UMS Group – a leading energy and utilities consultancy firm.

The 2-year program focuses on the tactical level of asset management, with emphasis on four key areas: operating model, process, competences, and information management & enabling technology.

UMS Group starts next cycle of asset management learning consortium

The 2022/23 edition of ITAMS saw participation from over 10 energy utility companies from all corners of the globe. In May, the companies completed their learning event with a grand finale event in Amsterdam.

According to UMS Group consultant and program director Ed de Vroedt, the companies have “gained detailed insight into the effectiveness of their asset management strategy and operations, and insight into what steps can be taken to lift effectiveness and efficiency through the adoption of best practices, new ways of working, and value-adding technologies.”

Echoing these words, one of the program’s participants said: “From the comprehensive analysis of companies to the detailed assessment of industry trends and recommendations, the final report provides a wealth of information that will undoubtedly modify our strategic planning and decision-making going forward.”

Fast forward to today, and UMS Group has meanwhile commenced preparations for the 2023/24 edition of its ITAMS program.

Commenting on the upcoming cycle, De Vroedt said: “With the scale and pace of the changes facing the utility industry, it’s more important than ever to have a clear understanding of comparative performance, to establish a quality network of peers, and to learn and share with that network the latest innovations and best practices. The ITAMS learning consortium provides that opportunity, providing insights into performance as well as best practices.”