ERM teams up with satellite imagery company Planet Labs

17 May 2023 2 min. read
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Sustainability consultancy ERM has announced a new collaboration with satellite imagery company Planet Labs, which aims to help organizations effectively use satellite data for more informed decision-making in meeting sustainability goals.

This partnership will focus on using Planet Labs’ remarkable satellite imagery to aid in sustainability solutions such as monitoring methane emissions, aiding carbon removal projects, evaluating the state of biodiversity, and compliance tracking for new construction projects near protected landscapes.

Planet Labs is an Earth imaging company that provides daily (even hourly) updated satellite data to businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists with the aim of better understanding the world. The company uses a web of over 200 cutting-edge miniature satellites – some of which are as small as a shoebox – to better analyze issues like climate change, deforestation, and even the war in Ukraine.

ERM teams up with satellite imagery company Planet Labs

“This partnership brings together one of the largest commercial satellite imagery providers in the world and the largest pure play sustainability firm,” said Mike Mangiante, head of ERM’s climate risk team. “Together we have the ability to accelerating sustainability through data and imagery driven insights which address organizations’ greatest sustainability related imperatives at scale.”

Companies are increasingly driven by regulatory requirements on preventing further climate change, prompting them to assess the environmental impact of their value chain. ERM and Planet Labs use satellite imagery to address concerns about the environment and to develop comprehensive strategies for managing environmental impact.

“This partnership with Planet is an exciting addition to ERM’s expanding ecosystem. Planet Labs’ satellite imagery technology has transformed the earth observation industry, helping organizations across sectors to make smarter, data-driven decisions. We look forward to working together to generate insights that will help our clients to evolve and respond to increasingly complex sustainability challenges,” said Kushal Mashru, head of strategic partnerships at ERM.

Earlier this year, ERM acquired energy and water advising firm Coho. The firm was also named one of the leading consulting firm in the world for sustainability services by

With over 170 offices across 39 countries, ERM employs around 7,500 experts that advise clients on operationalizing sustainability in their organizations. Clients are empowered by ERM’s extensive technical knowledge to tackle environmental, health, safety, risk, and social concerns.