Strategy& hosts strategy consulting business course in Paris

06 February 2024 2 min. read

For the third consecutive year, Strategy& is taking a select group of ambitious students who relish a career in strategy consultancy on a four-day business course in Paris.

Strategy&’s ‘Walk the Talk’ kicks off on May 21st in Amsterdam, bringing together a group of high-profile students for its annual business course. The cohort then heads off to Europe’s capital of l’amour.

The backdrop however has nothing to with romance, but instead served students with four action-packed days full of intellectual challenge, personal growth, learning about strategy consulting, networking and not to forget – a sniff of culture and fun.

Strategy& hosts strategy consulting business course in Paris

“Our ‘Walk the Talk’ business course provides students with an excellent opportunity to step in the shoes of our strategy consultants and gain an inside perspective on what it means to work at Strategy&. Together with a group of other ambitious students and some of our own Strategy& colleagues, students will embark on a unique adventure,” explained Jamie Nagtzaam, Talent Event Specialist Strategy&.

Alongside a company presentation and several trainings on analytical and interpersonal skills, students will be challenged to solve a real-life case. “In teams, students will help an athletic footwear company rethink its value chain in order to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Working on this case will allow them to showcase their analytical skills and replicate what life is like as a strategy consultant.”

The case challenge will be capped off by a presentation in front of senior executives from the client and a panel of industry experts.

“While the business course is full of action, there will also be plenty of time to get to know our consultants and enjoy the beautiful city of Paris,” said Nagtzaam. Notably, a promotional video showing highlights of last year’s event in Paris hint that Strategy& will yet again be giving students a glimpse of the true Parisian experience, including some fine dining.

For those students already daydreaming about the prospect of joining in on the adventure, note that the business course is organised by the firm’s Dutch wing, meaning that only fluent Dutch speaking students are eligible to participate. Master’s students and 3rd year Bachelor students from all academic backgrounds and universities in the Netherlands are welcome to send in their profile for consideration.

Operating worldwide, Strategy& is one of the globe’s leading strategic consulting firms. The firm’s Dutch team has around 100 staff and is based in Amsterdam.