OHROS Consulting Group joins forces with AklysTransform

12 March 2024 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

OHROS Consulting Group has strengthened its energy transition capabilities through an alliance with AklysTransform.

A leading consultancy in the field of asset management, OHROS Consulting Group has embarked on a collaboration with AklysTransform, a consultancy business led by energy transition expert Esmé Fantozzi. 

The two consultancies will team up to help clients tackle the challenges of moving to greener forms of energy, as well as with decarbonizing asset management operations within the energy utilities sectors.

OHROS Consulting Group werkt samen met AklysTransform

With a career spanning 25 years in the energy sector, Fantozzi brings a wealth of experience to the team of OHROS Consulting Group. During her career, she has held leadership, operational, and innovation-related roles across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia.

Following nearly two decades at a large independent oil company, Fantozzi founded AklysTransform to help clients in the energy and other hard-to-decarbonize sectors with topics including energy transition-driven strategy, risk mitigation, and new value generation.

“As someone who has spent a significant portion of her career in operational roles around the world, I am very well aware that asset management is the beating heart of energy supply chains. This is also true for the energy transition. By teaming up with OHROS Consulting Group, I can bring my energy transition work to where it can have the largest impact: asset management.”

Alongside strategic consulting services, Netherlands-headquartered OHROS Consulting Group (formerly UMS Group) also supports its international roster clients with benchmarking, implementation support, and learning through consortia.

Ennio Neumann Senese, CEO of OHROS Consulting Group, said: “The cooperation with AklysTransform will expand our expertise in energy transition and help us make a substantial impact.”

Commenting on her first experiences, Fantozzi noted, “Already in the first engagements we are having an impact on the decarbonization plans of large groups. On a more personal note, I love the inclusiveness of the team, the many young bright minds, the fact that diversity of thought is embraced and encouraged, and the high regard in which delivering value, learning, and giving space to all voices are held.”