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At Nova Reperta, we're not just another consultancy firm.
We’re a boutique agency in strategy implementation with a close-knit community of about 60 dynamic professionals and a network of over 100 global functional and industry experts. We assist clients in designing and navigating company-wide transformations, offering a unique and holistic approach to our clients' challenges. We have an informal way of collaboration across all levels, and stand-out in pragmatic thinking and co-creation with the client.

We differentiate ourselves from traditional management consulting firms by focusing on strategy deployment and execution with enough focus on the 'soft' side (change management) to ensure high buy in and long-term hard impact (EBITDA). Nova Reperta bridges the gap between strategic consulting and implementation consulting, helping clients to execute their strategies effectively.

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We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, from SMEs to multinational corporations, across various industries such as HR, finance, insurance, mobility, logistics, healthcare, and more. Our clients consistently provide positive feedback, praising the firm's results-oriented approach, adaptability, and genuine partnership.

The firm is led by a group of partners with diverse backgrounds (most with top tier Management Consulting experience). Each partner brings a wealth of experience in consulting, business transformations, finance, and various industries. Their combined expertise ensures that Nova Reperta can effectively address a wide range of clients' challenges and provide tailored solutions.

We pride ourselves on offering a truly unique and rewarding experience for our consultants, with a focus on collaboration, flexibility, and personal growth.

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