Nova Reperta supports POST Luxembourg with launch of DEEP

08 July 2024 2 min. read

POST Luxembourg has launched DEEP, a new B2B telecom and ICT entity that sprung out of the merger of four entities. Belgian consultancy Nova Reperta supported POST Luxembourg through the post-merger integration.

Luxembourg’s national postal service, POST Luxembourg, which has over 4,700 employees, has brought together its subsidiaries EBRC, Elgon, Digora Luxembourg, and the B2B division of POST Telecom to form DEEP.

DEEP is seeking to position itself as a leader in digital services in the Luxembourg and international markets. The firm has over 750 employees and offers services and solutions in several different technological domains, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cloud.

Nova Reperta supports POST Luxembourg with launch of DEEP

“With the creation of DEEP, POST Luxembourg is sending out a strong signal both to the market and to its employees,” said Claude Strasser, managing director of POST Luxembourg, at a press conference.

“The unification of these four group entities is the culmination of a long-standing intention, unique in the history of POST Luxembourg. DEEP is an ambitious project, of major importance in Luxembourg and beyond our borders.”

Luxembourg has some of the best and most resilient telecoms and data center infrastructure in Europe. DEEP relies on this robust infrastructure to offer its digital services.

“DEEP was born out of our customers' need to find a single partner who could advise and support them in a secure and responsible way in their digital transformation projects,” noted Cliff Konsbruck, Director of POST Telecom. “Our focus is on the future: We want our customers to benefit from all the possibilities that tomorrow's digital world has to offer, by identifying emerging technologies and learning how to master them.”

The integration

The process of merging the subsidiaries into a new entity was supported by a number of external service provider, including management consultancy Nova Reperta.

“Our team collaborated closely with POST Luxembourg to design and execute a post-merger integration of four entities within the group with a focus on the value creation plan, a new go-to-market and operating model,” said Nova Reperta about its support.

“A participative approach was crucial to our success. Engaging teams at every stage ensured the transformation was strategic and embraced by those implementing it. This fostered ownership, alignment, and sustainable change, positioning DEEP as a leading digital services partner in Luxembourg and beyond.”

The road ahead

Notably, DEEP has hot on the heels of its launch made sustainability commitments in line with its parent company, which prioritized responsible digital development. The new entity has impact objectives that include reducing their environmental footprint, raising awareness of governing best practice, and taking initiative on social issues.

For the rest of this year, all the entities involved in the merger will operate independently. DEEP is expected to begin operating abroad in due time through its subsidiaries Digora France and Digora Morocco.