German HR consultancy joins distributor network of Hogan Assessments

08 August 2018 4 min. read

Relevant Management Consulting, an organisational consultancy based in Germany, has been admitted into the International Distributor Network of Hogan Assessments, a US-based company that provides assessments for leadership development and individual development. 

Founded in 2016, RELEVANT Management Consulting is a Dusseldorf-based consulting firm that supports organisations, but also supports consultancies, coaches and trainers with a suite of HR advisory and implementation services. Among the offerings the firm provides are human capital advisory, personnel development, team development, selection during recruitment and coaching. 

René Kusch, Managing Director of Relevant Management Consulting, has been working with Hogan Assessments for roughly a decade now. The psychologist is a large advocate of the solutions and certifications of Hogan, and on the back of his track record in the field he has a few years ago been admitted into the global Hogan Coaching Network. 

Hogan’s assessments help individuals, teams and companies across the globe with gaining insight into and developing human capital talent. The firm’s assessments can evaluate leadership potential, support the hiring of the right people, and enable the development of skills & competencies to increase productivity and reduce turnover. The company, which competes with the Solutions arm of large consultancies such as Gallup, Korn Ferry, Mercer and Willis Towers Watson, is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the US. 

German HR consultancy joins distributor network of Hogan AssessmentsAs part of the agreement, Relevant Management Consulting and its team of approximately ten consultants will be able to sell and implement Hogan Assessments’ solutions, on top of the advisory offerings already offered. Relevant is also extending Hogan’s collaboration with the International Coach Federation’s German chapter – a network that brings together coaches in the region with the aim of advancing the profession. 

“The impact we can have on the European workforce is far greater if we are able to educate and train HR practitioners, talent management professionals, coaches, consultants and trainers to implement Hogan’s assessments,” said Sarah Asskamp, Head of Operations at Relevant Management Consulting. Kusch added: “As the saying goes, ‘give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime’.”

Kusch and Asskamp said that while the partnership will allow the HR consultancy to expand its service to the rest of Europe, “we have however already been working with other Hogan partners, distributors and clients from all over the world for many years”. 

Dustin Hunter, Hogan’s Practice Manager of the Hogan International Distributor Network, remarked that he is proud of the partnership, stating; “Their contributions and experience have led to the implementation and execution of a wide range of projects. I’m proud of our team’s hard work in securing a world-class distributor like Relevant Management Consulting.”

International Distributor Network

With the addition of the German boutique consultancy, Hogan now has 42 international distributors in 40+ countries. Among the distributors in Europe are Stairs – People Advisors (Portugal), Metaberatung (Austria, Germany and Switzerland), Blue Coach (Montenegro), ETC Consult (Ireland), Hagvangur (Iceland), HART Consulting (Romania), Awair (France, Italy and Spain), Assessio (Finland, Norway and Sweden), and four consultancies that serve the UK market –3 Minute Mile, Advanced People Strategies Mentis and Psychological Consultancy. 

Earlier this year, Dutch HR consulting firm Leeuwendaal forged a partnership with Gallup to provide the firm’s assessment solutions in the Dutch market.