Mark Lenssen and Natalia Barbosa Eitel join healthcare consultancy Vintura

09 August 2018 4 min. read

Healthcare consultancy Vintura has boosted its capabilities to meet the needs of a growing client-base with the hire of two new consultants. Mark Lenssen has joined the firm as an Associate Director, while Natalia Barbosa Eitel has arrived as a Senior Consultant.

2017 saw demand for market access consulting in the health sector skyrocket, as various changes saw the private sector look to make gains in what has traditionally been a public service as opposed to a consumer commodity. Now, the continuum of activities surrounding the securing of access, coverage and reimbursement of medicines at prices that balance the need for patient availability and manufacturer profitability mean healthcare consulting is sought after by a growing host of clients.

Vintura is a management consulting firm from the Netherlands, which works to serve the healthcare and pharma & life sciences sector. In preparation for what it expects to be a growing workload, the firm has completed the hiring of two new experts for its operations. Former KPMG staffer Mark Lenssen has joined as an Associate Director, while Natalia Barbosa Eitel has arrived as a Senior Consultant.Mark Lenssen and Natalia Barbosa Eitel join healthcare consultancy VinturaMark Lenssen has been working as a consultant, project manager and interim manager for more than 20 years, particularly in healthcare. Having started his career at pharmaceutical company Organon, Lensenn moved into the independent consulting sphere, before working for seven years at A.T. Kearney and four years at Plexus (now part of KPMG). As of June 2018, he started as an Associate Director at Vintura, focusing in the field of care procurement and financing, alongside his most recent engagement as an independent advisor at ML Zorgadvies. In addition to his consultancy work, he is an investor in healthcare innovations, including via the crowdfunding initiative Zorgfunders, where he is the founder.

Bas Amesz, a Partner at Vintura, said of his arrival; "Vintura's mission is to connect the stakeholders in healthcare. Mark is a good addition to our team, since he has gained experience in hospitals, health insurers and industry. In addition, he brings an enormous wealth of experience in health care, especially when it comes to care procurement… With the arrival of Mark Lenssen as associate director, we are giving our team a huge boost and strengthening our position in healthcare."

Mark Lenssen added, "I enjoy working together with clients to achieve beautiful, innovative results, making Dutch health care better and also accessible and affordable. This fits seamlessly with the mission of Vintura; That is why we have a good match and I look forward to working with the Vintura team." In addition to his consultancy work at Vintura, Lenssen continues to support young, innovative care organisations in the area of financing and business development to achieve a sustainable position in the Dutch healthcare system.

Natalia Barbosa Eitel began her consulting career at Novumed Life Science in Germany. At the firm, she learned how to effectively structure strategic projects to support the pharma, medtech and biotech industries (e.g. market entry & access; market penetration assessment, M&A support, growth strategy, etc.). In 2016, she became a Life Sciences Strategy Consultant with Big Four firm EY, in Munich, where she worked to assess the best ways to handle complex tasks in tight deadlines, the key components to commercial due diligences.

Barbosa Eitel also holds a Bioprocess Engineering Degree as well as an MSc in Chemical and Biochemical Process Technologies from the University of Reading. She has joined the Baarn office of Vintura in the Utrecht Province of the Netherlands to take up her latest role.