Deloitte Belgium launches scheme to slash CO2 footprint of car fleet

19 October 2018 3 min. read

Deloitte has introduced a new scheme in Belgium that aims at reducing the CO2-emissions of its car fleet by 25% in the coming 3-4 years.

The move by the professional services firm builds on three main levers. The first is an improved, and more tailored mobility package. Under the new scheme, Deloitte’s accountants, advisors, consultants and staff can tailor their own mobility package and tap a range of alternatives to the company car. Alternatives included in the package are public transport, a bicycle (classic or electric), a shared car and carpooling. “We are encouraging our employees to consider which means of transport best suit their personal needs,” explained Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of Deloitte Belgium. 

Besides picking an alternative, Deloitte’s employees can opt for a combination of options, such as a parking pass at the train station or a bicycle, combined with a train pass.

The second lever relates to greening of the car fleet. “We are busy with transitioning our car fleet to a more sustainable footprint,” said Vandendriessche. This will be done by adding more electric cars into the pool of preferred cars. Meanwhile, Deloitte will also drastically cut the driving options it provides its people: the number of car models with preferred status will be brought down from 132 to just 10. Deloitte has some 3,000 cars in its Belgian fleet.

Deloitte Belgium launches scheme to slash CO2 footprint of car fleet

The two pillars will be supported by a more flexible approach to working. Working from home, flexible working hours or working from a closer Deloitte office will be stimulated through a mix of new performance management and governance processes. 

While the strategy could be interpreted as an anti-car intervention, Vandendriessche contests that this is not the case, with fostering sustainability at the scheme’s core. “We want to raise awareness among our employees so that they can make informed choices for mobility solutions and combinations that address their needs and those of our clients in optimal fashion.” He added, “Deloitte wants to take on its role as a sustainable player in economy and society.”

Deloitte, one of the four largest accounting and consulting firms in the world, employs more than 4,000 staff in Belgium across twelve locations. Its car fleet greening is part of a wider sustainability programme in the country, which aims at reducing the company’s CO2-emissions footprint by a quarter by 2021. Making the firm’s offices greener is one key element of the ambition: Deloitte’s relatively new office next to Brussels Airport – an area where rival KPMG also is based – for instance emits 40% less CO2 compared to the previous location.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring country the Netherlands, Deloitte is headquartered in The Edge, an office building the World Economic Forum recently labelled as the greenest and most Intelligent building in the world. The news placed Deloitte Benelux in global spotlights, with media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNN and featuring Deloitte’s recognition.