Valcon partners with Danish AR and VR specialist Virsabi

20 September 2019 3 min. read

Nordic consulting firm Valcon has closed a partnership agreement with Virsabi, a Danish company specialised in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions. 

The alliance between the two companies comes amid a booming market for virtual reality and augmented reality. Sweeping demand from companies in the entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors, among others, will see the value of the industry grow by a compound annual growth rate of over 40% up to 2022. According to this estimate from corporate finance group Hampleton Partners, the pair of technologies will by then represent a $178 billion market, up from just $6 billion three years ago. 

From its base in the centre of Copenhagen, Virsabi – formery known as Virtualus – helps mainly large companies leverage virtual, augmented and mixed reality in order to improve their services and/or processes. Examples of the top use cases delivered by Virsabi include supporting marketing (product visualisation, inspiring experiences), learning & development (enhancing training material), geographic efficiency (less location visits) and operational efficiency (better modelling of buildings and assets, improving service maintenance).Valcon partners with Danish AR and VR specialist VirsabiThe technology firm for instance helped the world’s largest furniture retailer IKEA with integrating virtual reality into its talent development approach. Today, a large share of new recruits that join the Swedish giant are provided a VR-experience aimed at educating them as part of their onboarding process. Other companies that sit on Virsabi’s client roster include Bang & Olufsen, Jabra, MAN and Rambøll. 

By integrating Virsabi into its partner ecosystem, Valcon can now add an innovative line of VR and AR services to its consulting portfolio. Valcon focuses mainly on operations consulting, and sees a large potential to help its clients embrace such technologies to the benefit of their target operating models and operational processes. “This partnership strengthens our cross-functional offerings to our clients,” said Valcon’s chief executive officer Thomas Fischer.

Michael Harboe, the chief executive officer of Virsabi, added, “By cooperating with companies such as Valcon that are able to offer completely different competences and perspectives than our own, we see that our clients benefit from the far more holistic solutions we are now able to offer them.” 

The two Danish companies – Valcon is also headquartered in Copenhagen and has further offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg – have been working together for “several months” said Fischer, and “now is the right time to make our relationship official.” The first engagements revolved around training and onboarding of employees, building administration and improving technical equipment maintenance.

Valcon has around 200 consultants across its three offices. The consulting firm is part of Cordence Worldwide, a global alliance of like-minded management consulting firms with hubs in over 20 countries.