Scandinavian consultancy Valcon joins Cordence Worldwide

26 February 2019 5 min. read

Scandinavian consulting firm Valcon has joined Cordence Worldwide, a global partnership of management consulting firms with an on the ground presence in 20+ countries. 

Thomas Fischer, the CEO of Valcon, said that he is proud that the firm has been admitted into the network, which consists of what he describes as “premium and leading partners from all around the globe.” 

“Our partnership with Cordence Worldwide is a natural next step in Valcon’s continued focus on offering sustainable, holistic solutions to our clients in both the private and public sectors. This will allow us to strengthen our ability to offer our clients the right teams as we will have an even stronger pool of competences and true global reach.”

With over 2,800 professionals and 65+ offices, Cordence Worldwide is one of the world’s larger networks for management consultancy services. The group is built on the collective ambition of member firms to bring deep expertise at a local level, delivered at speed across all corners of the globe. Among the members firms are US-headquartered North Highland, pan-European players Horváth & Partners (Germany), Oresys (France) and Bonfiglioli Consulting (Italy), as well as Avalon Consulting (Asia) and Spain-based Alfa Consulting (Spain), which serves as the network’s bridge to Latin America.

Valcon becomes the networks eleventh member and more importantly, provides Cordence Worldwide with a foothold in Scandinavia, a consulting industry estimated to be worth €2.8 billion. “Valcon was the obvious choice in offering Cordence Worldwide and our partners the opportunity to make an even greater difference in the Nordics,” commented Andrew Keene, Managing Director of Cordence Worldwide. Scandinavian consultancy Valcon joins Cordence WorldwideHe added that Valcon has been “carefully selected” following a due diligence on criteria including positioning, track record, values and client engagement approach. Founded in 2000 in Denmark, Valcon is a management consulting firm specialised in strategy, operations management, sales & marketing, digital transformation and human capital. The company’s 200+ consultants work for larger Scandinavia-based companies and multinational companies in the region / internationally such as toys giant Lego, pharma player Novo Nordisk and airliner SAS. 

The Scandinavian player, which has offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg, positions itself in the space in between strategy and operations. “We challenge the strategic needs of our clients and help them with making change happen,” said Fischer. Central to the firm’s approach is ensuring that the client maintains ownership: “We help the client make the solution their own – this sense of ownership helps create sustainable solutions that become part of the client’s DNA. We call this leaving footprints.” 

For Valcon, the decision to join Cordence Worldwide comes on the back of solid growth – the consultancy grew its turnover by 6% last year – and at a time when the firm is internationalising its portfolio. “We now have a number of Fortune 100 companies in our client portfolio and have grown our delivery footprint to over 40 countries,” said Fischer. “We are strongly positioned to deliver on our promise of being a premium operations consulting firm in Europe.”

In a bid to realise its growth plan going forward, Valcon is investing heavily in its offerings. The advisory firm in recent months bolstered its capabilities in digitalisation, digital transformations and change leadership, among others, attracting senior hires from rivals and the industry, and earlier this year the firm acquired a stake in 2021.AI to complement its artificial intelligence portfolio. Meanwhile, Valcon professionalised its Board of Directors* to reflect its strategy.

“Both Valcon and Cordence Worldwide see strong synergistic opportunities in the partnership,” concluded Keene. 

* Valcon’s Board of Directors consists of Poul Skadhede (chairman and founder), Thomas Fischer (chief executive), Thomas Rosenlund, Mads Nyrup, and Brian Daniel Jacobsen (all senior partners), and three external members: Jørgen Bardenfleth, Eva Karlsson and Fiona Czerniawska.