The top 40 consulting firms to work for in Denmark

10 August 2020 5 min. read

What are the top consulting firms in Denmark for graduates and junior consultants? A survey of more than 1,200 Danish students and young professionals sheds light on the matter.

Denmark’s consulting industry is estimated to be worth anywhere between €800 million and €3 billion, depending on which definitions are used to ringfence consulting and how the scoping is done. Meanwhile, including or excluding the fee income generated by independent consultants (those who compete with consultancies) can make a large difference on the industry’s estimated size.

Based on data from ADMCF, the Association of Danish management consulting firms, Denmark’s consulting market employs around 20,000 employees, of which 18,500 are consultants (fee-earners) and 1,500 are professionals working in staff roles, such as finance, legal and human resources.

Similar to other European countries, in Denmark consulting – in particular strategy consulting and management consulting – belong to the most popular entry sectors for graduates and young professionals. A survey by Universum last year placed consulting as the country’s second most in-demand industry to land a job in. Long term wise, consulting has retained a top three position for five consecutive years now.

Consulting’s attractiveness builds on a number of appealing facets, including the ability to work on high-impact projects, variety in sectors, clients and roles, the opportunity to mingle and work together with the brightest minds in the market, a steep learning curve backed by serious investments in professional development, and prestige – a factor which is of particular relevance for the lucky few that get hired by the top-tier consulting firms.

For graduates with an aspiration to kickstart their career as a consultant, the key question they ask themselves is – what is the best consulting firm to work? And what are the top consulting firms for my area of specialisation?

Based on the views of over 1,200 students and graduates, in a survey conducted Graduateships, the answer seems straightforward. With a few local exceptions – Danish-origin players with a strong track record – it are the globe’s leading consultancies that also dominate the local scene.

An overview of the top 40 consulting firms in Denmark for graduates:

1. McKinsey & Company
CEO in Denmark: Klaus Dallerup

2. Boston Consulting Group
CEO in Denmark: Anders Faeste

3. Bain & Company
CEO in Denmark: Guy Brusselmanns

4. Kearney
CEO in Denmark: Lars Krohn Roest

5. Deloitte
CEO in Denmark: Anders Vad Dons

6. Implement Consulting Group
CEO in Denmark: Niels Ahrengot

7. Novo Nordisk Consulting
CEO in Denmark: Christian Drews

8. Accenture
CEO in Denmark: Phillip Viig

9. Strategy&
CEO in Denmark: Michael Szczepanski

10. PwC
CEO in Denmark: Mogens Nørgaard Mogensen

11. Monitor Deloitte
CEO in Denmark: Nicolai Hesdorf

12. EY
CEO in Denmark: Torben Bender

13. KPMG
CEO in Denmark: Henrik Mulvad

14. Simon-Kucher & Partners
CEO in Denmark: Omar Ahmad

15. PA Consulting
CEO in Denmark: Amdi Dines Dalsgaard Hansen

16. EY-Parthenon
CEO in Denmark: Thomas Moeller

17. Maersk Management Consulting
The management consultancy of A.P. Moller Maersk

18. IBM Global Business Services
CEO in Denmark: Henrik Bodskov

19. Netcompany
CEO in Denmark: Andre Rogaczewski

20. Ramboll Consulting
CEO in Denmark: Markus Diederich

21. Capgemini
CEO in Denmark: Maarten Arie Galesloot

22. Cognizant
Cognizant has been active in Denmark since 2007

23. KMD
CEO in Denmark: Eva Berneke

24. Gartner
Gartner’s Danish operation is based in Copenhagen

25. Vertical
Part of Bain & Company
CEO in Denmark: Karten Petersen

26. Valcon
A member of Cordence Worldwide, a global consulting network
CEO in Denmark: Thomas Arne Fischer

27. Core & Company
CEO in Denmark: Rasmus Vaupel

28. BCG Platinion
Part of Boston Consulting Group, specialised in IT implementation

29. Inverto
Part of Boston Consulting Group, specialised in procurement and supply chain

30. Avanade
A subsidiary of Accenture

31. Tata Consultancy Services
CEO in Denmark: Ruchikar Dalela

32. BearingPoint
A European origin business and technology consulting firm

33. DFDS Strategy & Consulting
The inhouse management consulting wing of DFDS

34. Valtech
CEO in Denmark: Carsten Brogaard Jensen

35. Carve Consulting
CEO in Denmark: Mikael Würtz Hegaard

36. BASE Life Sciences
CEO in Denmark: Martin Woergaard

37. Peak Consulting Group
CEO in Denmark: Patrick Sorrentino

38. Devoteam
CEO in Denmark: Søren Barsøe Nielsen

39. ReD Associates
Part of Cognizant following its May 2016 acquisition
CEO in Denmark: Lynda Ann Cuza

40. COWI
CEO in Denmark: Lars-Peter Søbye

About the survey and methodology

The survey asked graduates and recent graduates now consultants to rate consulting firms across a number of criteria, including reputation, company growth, career attractiveness, diversity, and working culture. Students with a background at all top Danish universities participated, including the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, the Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde University.