DuPont Sustainable Solutions boosts safety offering with start-up

17 September 2020 3 min. read

Bleenco, a Munich-based software start-up specialised in tech-driven safety management, has inked a partnership with one of the globe’s leading consulting firms in the segment.

The tie-up with DuPont Sustainable Solutions, formerly the consulting arm of the world's largest chemical company DuPont, will enable the German start-up to showcase its software to a global clientele, and leverage DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ expertise to advance its solution. 

Launched in 2017, Bleenco’s sensor-based solution enables organisations to keep track of human movement, their flows, and the equipment they interact with. Using this information, operations leaders can monitor safety compliance, and because the information is provided in real time, critical interventions can be made at the right time (or even ahead of time) to the benefit of employees. The use of data can also help leaders uncover opportunities to prevent future incidents.

“Our technologies enable off-the-shelf cameras with advanced, customisable safety automation solutions,” said Irman Abdic, CEO of Bleenco, adding that the solution is fully privacy-compliant. Bleenco has a growing roster of clients, in particular in public transportation, logistics, public infrastructure, airports, manufacturing, and supply chain and warehousing.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions boosts safety offering with start-up

Meanwhile, for DuPont Sustainable Solutions, the partnership enables the firm to integrate Bleenco’s solution into its safety management offerings, at a time when worker safety finds itself under a magnifying glass. In a joint study by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the International Labour Organization, researchers found that work-related injury and illness currently result in the loss of 3.9% of GDP, at an annual cost of a staggering €2,680 billion.

To meet the demands of their workers, as well as minimise the risk of reputation loss, organisations globally are shoring up safety measures within their operating environments, and in doing so, much turning to technology. “Technology and data is providing companies with unprecedented opportunities to improve the safety of workers, as well as operational workflows by harnessing the insights drawn from this data,” said Alexey Lesin, Digital practice leader at DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

“The technologies and associated algorithms developed by Bleenco are particularly promising in this regard, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

Lesin refers to one of Bleenco’s latest offerings designed in response to the outbreak of the pandemic; body temperature monitoring. Abdic explained, “Our technology can help companies detect a key symptom of Covid-19: body temperature. The body scan is fully automated and only takes one second for an infrared measurement, allowing companies of all industries to limit potential exposure of their front-line workers to the virus.”

The partnership comes on the back of a trial period, said Lesin, which demonstrated the use case. “The pilot results were inspiring and have shown that this partnership has the ability to help industrial companies to make a genuine breakthrough in their safety performance.” 

Alongside integration of offerings into their respective services, the two companies will merge their minds to jointly develop new solutions, “to better protect workers from operational risks and Covid-19 in the future,” said Lesin.