DuPont Sustainable Solutions rebrands as dss+

28 February 2022 2 min. read

Global consulting firm DuPont Sustainable Solutions has rebranded as dss+ – with the ‘plus’ added to its brand to highlight its expanded set of capabilities since the firm went independent two and a half years ago.

After operating as a subsidiary of DuPont for some fifty years, in September 2019 DuPont Sustainable Solutions split from its parent to go to market independently.

The new positioning and autonomy has done the firm well, with the consultancy growing to a team of 1,000+ professionals during the pandemic and cementing its position as the world’s leading consulting firm for environment, health & safety services (according to a poll by decision-makers).

DuPont Sustainable Solutions rebrands as dss+

As part of its new strategy, DuPont Sustainable Solutions is expanding its portfolio from its traditional core of operational excellence and health & safety services to also include ESG services. The expansion was accelerated through two acquisitions – KKS Advisors in the US and Sofies Group in Switzerland.

In addition, DuPont Sustainable Solutions has invested in extending its offerings across the value chain through the launch of new change capabilities and solutions, meaning that the firm is now capable of helping its clients across the full cycle – from protect and transform through to sustain, said Davide Vassallo, Chief Executive Officer of dss+.

“We’ve expanded our solutions to meet the changing needs of clients. dss+ now helps its clients build organisational and human capabilities, manage risk, improve operations, achieve sustainability goals and operate more responsibly.”

Adding into its brand refresh is more focus on the company’s purpose. Vassallo: “Purpose is central to everything we do at dss+ and reflects our continued commitment to saving lives and creating a sustainable future and positive impact for future generations.”

“Together with our clients, we aim to enhance business performance, benefit the planet and help people get home safely to their family, friends, and loved ones every day,” the chief executive continued.

According to Vassallo, the new brand perfectly epitomises the company’s DNA and ambitions going forward. “We are thrilled with the new brand. It represents the exponential capability we have to help companies work safer and smarter, with purpose and impact.”