Alantra buys stake in Spanish investment strategy firm

15 March 2021 2 min. read

Global investment bank and corporate finance firm Alantra has added an alternative investment strategies arm to its business after taking a 40% stake in MCH Investment Strategies. 

Alantra is a London-based global investment firm with 25 offices worldwide and around $2.4 billion in assets under management. So far, the firm’s proposition has spanned investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, asset management, and credit portfolio advisory services.

Now with a 40% stake in MCH Investment Strategies, the award-winning firm has bolted an investment strategies arm onto its offering. Alantra CEO Santiago Eguidazu described MCH as “a great management team that shares our entrepreneurial culture, a high-quality product offering and exclusive agreements with leading international alternative asset managers.”

Alantra buys stake in Spanish investment strategy firm

MCH Investment Strategies was founded in Madrid in 2008 by former Lehman Brothers men Tasio del Castaño and Alejandro Sarrate, and has since amassed over $3 billion in assets under management. 

The firm selects global asset managers with a unique ability to generate portfolio value for investors, without being pinned down in indexed investment strategies. This select pool puts together alternative funds, which are marketed to institutional investors in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Initial support when launching came from MCH Private Equity – a sister organisation and independent entity that owned a 40% minority stake in MCH Investment Strategies until recently. Alantra has now taken control of this share, giving MCH Investment Strategies a bigger base to build on. 

“With Alantra, we gain a global partner that will provide us with the strategic and institutional support to enter into a new phase of international growth while continuing to improve the service we offer to our investors,” said Sarrate and Castaño.

The pair also lauded the cultural fit with Alantra – describing it as “a top-tier strategic partner, guaranteeing our independence and reinforcing our commitment to building a broad and solid long-term executive partner base.”