Porsche Consulting expands its sustainability consulting services

01 April 2021 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

Porsche Consulting is expanding its green agenda – ramping up sustainability efforts across its own operation, and helping clients implement environmentally responsible practices to boost competitiveness, performance and value.  

The German management consultancy – once the internal consulting arm of iconic sports car manufacturer Porsche, and currently its wholly owned consulting subsidiary – is setting the pace for carbon neutrality and sustainability in the advisory world.

One side of this green agenda is a host of sustainability services for its clientele. “Sustainability is becoming a decisive factor for the competitiveness of companies around the world and across all industries. Economic success and the transition to a sustainable society are mutually dependent,” noted Eberhard Weiblen, chairman of Porsche Consulting.

Eberhard Weiblen, Birgit Engler, Porsche Consulting

Against this backdrop, the firm helps clients set strategic and measurable sustainability objectives, foster a green culture among staff, align operations with circular economics, and reach a state of carbon neutrality – where emissions are either brought down to zero or offset by other measures such as planting forests, etc. 

“For many companies, the transition to sustainability represents a huge effort, but one that pays off,” noted Birgit Engler, a Porsche Consulting partner who supports a range of client sustainability transformations.

“The greatest possible energy efficiency and the sparing use of resources promote value-creating growth and thus the long-term success of the company. We achieve our greatest impact in terms of sustainable business practices together with our over 200 clients per year.” 

Internal green drive

Underpinning these efforts is a wealth of credibility, stemming from Porsche Consulting’s own sustainability practices. “We not only help our customers master this transformation, but also want to provide a good example ourselves,” noted Weiblen.

So far, this example is stellar. The firm is climate-neutral as of 2020, and aims to make a further 25% cut – at the very least – to emissions across its expanding global outfit by 2025. In the next half-decade, commutes will be minimised by permanently shifting around a quarter of consulting activities online – using cutting edge digital tools. The resultant savings on travel will be relayed directly to clients. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire company-car fleet will be either electric or hybrid by 2025, and a digital algorithm is being developed to identify the optimum team for every project – based on the proximity of the project site to client residences – to keep travel at a minimum. 

These efforts take Porsche Consulting – among the top consulting firms in Germany – to the forefront of the sustainability agenda as well. Weiblen thanked the staff for their commitment to the cause. “Without the dedication of our employees, these advances would not be possible. They breathe life into our sustainability objectives and actively contribute to achieving them every day with their conduct and many good ideas.” 

The move by Porsche Consulting comes a week after BCG launched a global climate & sustainability practice, and less than a month after McKinsey & Company beefed up its activities in the field with the acquisition of Vivid Economics.